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Children of the Machine God

After the Primordial War, Autochthon departed from Creation before passing into his age-old sleep; leaving the people of Autochthonia and the Alchemical Exalted to take care of his body during his torpor. Now Autochtonia's resources are starting to dwindle, and the Seal of Eight Divinities is about to be breached. It has been decided that a small scout force will be sent to Creation.

When a giant head emerges in the caves of the Imperial Mountain, the Mountain Folk must ascertain what to make of this strange incursion.


Maximum PCs: 3
Campaign Type: Small
Allowable Character Types: Mountain Folk (both Enlightened & non), Mountain Folk Fae-Blooded, & Alchemical Exalted
Other Info: This campaign will take players to both Autochthonia & Creation. Players should be aware their characters will have to leave their places of work/residence during the course of the game, but not permanently. Also, it's suggested that characters should have a basic knowledge of their own history.

Report from Autochthonia: 1 orichalicum caste (Crannor Rae) sent into Creation to scout the immediate area. Was to return in 3 hours, is 2 hours overdo. 1 moonsilver caste sent to locate missing Alchemical & complete scout of the area.

Report from Urvar: Outpost reports malfunctioning orichalicum automaton claiming to be Exalted by the Great Maker. Orders to the outpost were to return the damaged machine to Urvar for study and possible repair.

Report from Autochthonia: Crannor Rae returned to Yugash. Inhabitants seems to be without a form of magic, but have use of magical materials. A second scout force of humans (6) was sent independant of the Alchemical scout forces to widen the search area.
Report from Urvar: Outpost reports discovery of decimated minor outpost a few hours inside their border. Also reports of humans attacking Jadeborn, possibly allied with the strange automaton, have been received. Sending a force to apprehend (now two) them.