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V'neef Jadira

Yay! Pretty pic of Jadira. Sent to me by Seiraryu, color-edited by Kazuki! Yes, she's wearing less here than in her text desc, but I don't care. It's pretty!

Emerald-eyed Jadira stands about five feet tall, with freckled, sun-bronzed skin and mid-back-length curly light brown hair. She typically ties her hair into a high ponytail, then braids it, often weaving native flora into the braid if easily accessible after a bath. For casual and travel wear, she dons a loose, gauzy tunic of verdant green fabric vine-embroidered at the collar and hems and cinched with a darker green knotted sash, leggings or close-fitting breeches of a rich, earthy brown, and supple doeskin boots to protect her feet. During more formal occasions, she lets her hair down and clothes herself in sleek, silken gowns of autumnal red or gold shades, or vivid greens to evoke spring, with stylized floral motifs cascading from shoulder to waist or splashed boldly across the hips. In colder weather, she supplements her outfit with a velvety hooded cloak the deep green hue of a forest canopy.

Jadira has a warm, easy smile that lights up her eyes and brings out the dimples in her cheeks. She smiles often, too, being a friendly and fun-loving young woman with a casual demeanor, always doing her best to put people in good spirits and encourage them to feel comfortable in her presence. She doesn't always succeed, though, and the particularly shy and apprehensive may even find her personality pushy or overwhelming, no matter if she means well by her efforts. To a certain extent her casual demeanor could be seen as a defense mechanism, as well, particularly when she is faced with ridicule, rejection or failure. She will rarely show, on the outside, that she is hurt, embarrassed or disappointed by such situations. More likely, she will shrug and laugh it off in public, then vent her emotions alone or with a trusted confidant. Either way, it doesn't take Jadira overly long to recover from negative experiences, as she dislikes to dwell on mistakes or angst over the past. She is dynamic by nature, preferring to move forward and concentrate on what situations still has the power to change.

Jadira's parents are V'neef Madala and Sesus Denerid Kinowan, both Wood-aspected Dragon-Blooded. Madala is a doctor, herbalist and healer that caters to high class clientele, and once in a while takes on apprentices among the Dynasts to pass on her methods. She has also inherited a swath of choice vinyards in Incas Prefecture, the management of which she has largely shuttled onto her husband, who has more patience and more of a head for bureaucracy. Kinowan, predictably, passes most of the work onto a competent staff, preferring to spend his time breeding horses and hunting dogs, and attending parties with his wife in which their wine is often requested for and praised. Kinowan's father is a Cynis, which of course has opened up access to both him and Madala to some of the most indulgent and hedonistic parties in the Realm, though not every social gathering they attend is for pleasure alone. In general, they are carefree in love and lifestyle and lenient as parents, though they do expect their children to do well in school and be able to make a living for themselves that brings money to the family and House.

As a result, Jadira grew up with little more than the usual sources of stress experienced by Dynastic children: assignments and exams, presentations and recitals, not embarrassing the parents around important guests, finding a place among one's peers, worrying about one's Exaltation. Her parents' influence also created in her a strong appreciation for nature and its gifts, particularly the beauty and duplicity of flora, which can be at times both medicinal and poisonous, intoxicating and dangerous. Her fascination with the natural world led her in a different direction than her parents' more practical fields -- in particular, her desire to control it to some extent, or turn it to her advantage, which in turn brought her to the practice of sorcery. She performed well enough in primary school, Exalting more or less during the expected years, gathered to herself a circle of slightly off-kilter but entertaining friends, and spent her secondary school years in the Heptagram, conducting curious experiments on plant life and animals, and drawing odd looks from the more typically morbid and serious Heptagram student.

Jadira has just recently graduated, and -- along with a few good friends from primary school -- has decided to enter in the quad-centennial Grand All-Creation Cross-Direction Quest in order to put her abilities to the test. Included in the group is the dashing and handsome Tepet Daithi, the only friend to have continued into the Heptagram with her, and for whom she has a long and enduring crush that she refuses to speak of or admit to. She considers him out of her league, not to mention the better sorcerer -- but she doesn't let it get to her, much. She'd much rather concentrate on having some fun, exploring the world, and achieving some fame, fortune and (if need be) noteriety during the first great adventure of her lifetime.

Dragon-Blooded Character Sheet

Name: V'neef Jadira

Player: Mieu

Aspect: Wood

Concept: Ranger/nature sorceress

Nature: Explorer

Anima: Thorny vines surround Jadira in a writhing spiral, blossoming with bright red flowers. 5 motes to add her Essence to Dodge or Athletics once per turn for a scene.

Bonus points (total: 21, unused: 0)

  • Abilities: -2 bp
  • Spells: -5 bp
  • Essence: -10 bp
  • Willpower: -4 bp

Experience (total: 160, unused: 24)

  • Attributes: -8 exp
  • Abilities: -47 exp
  • Backgrounds: -6 exp
  • Charms: -72 exp
  • Virtues: -3 exp

Combat dice pools

  • Archery
    • Arc-of-Thorns Spd 11 (dex + wits + archery), Acc 11 (dex + archery + weapon), Dam 7L (broadheads + thorns + str), Rate 3, Range 300
  • Soak
    • Verdant Vestments (+ stamina) 7L/6B
  • Dodge
    • Natural 14 (dex + dodge + bracers + ess)

Attributes (total exp: 8)


  • Strength 3
  • Dexterity 4
  • Stamina 2


  • Charisma 2 + 1 (8 exp) = 3
  • Manipulation 2
  • Appearance 3


  • Perception 4
  • Intelligence 3
  • Wits 3

Abilities (total bp: 2, total exp: 47)


  • Linguistics
  • Lore - 2 + 1 (4 exp) = 3 (DB)
  • Occult (f) - 3 (DB)
  • Stealth
  • Thrown


  • Awareness - 3 (DB)
  • Craft
  • Endurance
  • Martial Arts
  • Resistance


  • Athletics (f) - 3 (DB)
  • Dodge (f) - 3 (DB) + 1 (1 bp) = 4
  • Melee - 2 (DB) + 1 (4 exp) = 3
  • Presence - 1 (DB) + 1 (2 exp) = 2
  • Socialize - 2 (DB)


  • Brawl - 1 (DB)
  • Bureaucracy
  • Investigation
  • Larceny - 1 (3 exp)
  • Sail - 1 (3 exp)

Wood (a)

  • Archery - 3 (DB) + 1 (1 bp) = 4
    • Specialty: Multiple Shots - 1 (3 exp)
  • Medicine - 3 (DB)
  • Performance - 2 (DB) + 3 (15 exp) = 5
  • Ride - 3 (DB) + 2 (12 exp) = 5
  • Survival - 3 (DB)


  • Artifact - 3
  • Breeding - 3
  • Familiar - 3 (6 exp, through Great Heart Companion)
  • Manse - 3
  • Resources - 3

Charms (total exp: 72)

  • Lore: Elemental Concentration Trance (12 exp)
  • Occult: Terrestrial Circle Sorcery
  • Dodge: Threshold Warding Stance
  • Dodge: Hopping Firecracker Evasion
  • Dodge: Flickering Candle Meditation (10 exp)
  • Archery: Spring Follows Winter
  • Archery: Swallows Defend the Nest (10 exp)
  • Performance: Memorable Performance Technique (10 exp)
  • Performance: Talented Improvisation (10 exp)
  • Ride: Scattered Pearl Hoof Falls (free!)
  • Ride: Great Heart Companion (Col-charm) (10 exp)
  • Ride: Dragon Beast Majesty Method (Col-charm) (10 exp)

Spells (total bp: 5)

  • Become the Wood Friend
  • Commanding the Beasts
  • Flight of Seperation
  • Sprouting Shackles of Doom (5 bp)


  • Compassion - 3
  • Conviction - 3
  • Temperance - 1 + 1 (3 exp) = 2
  • Valor - 2

Essence and Willpower (total bp: 14)

  • Essence - 2 + 1 (10 bp) = 3
  • Willpower - 3 (Compassion) + 3 (Conviction) + 2 (4 bp) = 8
  • Personal Essence - 3 (Essence) + 8 (Willpower) + 3 (Breeding) = 14
  • Peripheral Essence - 12 (4 x Essence) + 8 (Willpower) + 6 (sum of two highest Virtues) + 5 (Breeding) - 10 (committed) = 21

Health Levels

  • -0 x 1
  • -1 x 2
  • -2 x 2
  • -4 x 1
  • Incapacitated



Green Jade Breastplate "Verdant Vestments" (Artifact 1)

Soak 6L/4B / Mobility -0 / Fatigue 0
No fatigue for Terrestrial Exalted
Commit 2

This is Jadira's custom-altered green jade breastplate, adorned with gold vine tracery blooming with stylized tropical flowers depicted in red jade. The ornamental vines arc up either side of its surface, curving up and around the breasts to form a delicate heart-like shape at the breastplate's center. Deep red tasseled cords fasten the breastplate to the body, providing a sharp but pleasing contrast to the jade.

Green Jade Hearthstone Bracers "Greensleeves" (Artifact 2)

+3 to Dodge
1 Hearthstone slot (Sphere of Balance)
Commit 3

These elegant green jade forearm guards are edged with gold tracery and fitted over fingerless, elbow-length gloves of leaf-green silk. Red jade inlays depict a stylized frame of miniature two-lobed flowers surrounding the single Hearthstone slot on the left guard.

Green Jade Short Powerbow "Arc-of-Thorns" (Artifact 3)

Acc +3 / Dam +2L(+2L again for arrows) / Rate 3 / Range 300 (Jade bonus included)
1 Hearthstone slot (Stone of the Sure Path)
Commit 5

Arc-of-Thorns' body is a three-foot-long, slender arc of green jade with red jade highlights shaped to resemble a spiny, succulent floral vine in full bloom. The inspiration for the bow is a species of exotic flora tending to flourish in tropical climates, with long, elegantly rounded leaves and clusters of small, two-lobed flowers in vivid red. Arc-of-Thorns was granted to Jadira as a graduation gift, and she values it just as much for its sentimental value as for its properties.

When an ordinary (non-artifact) arrow is fired from the bow, the arrow shaft thickens slightly and bursts forth with menacing thorns. This transformation will not affect the arrow's flight, and adds another +2L to damage beyond the arrow's natural characteristics. Thorned arrows embedded into the flesh must be extracted with an Intelligence + Medicine roll at difficulty 3 or the arrow will cause another 1L of health damage upon extraction.

Red Jade Short Daiklave "Blade of the Lioness" (Artifact 2)

Spd +3 / Acc +4 / Dam +4L / Def +1 / Rate 6
1 Hearthstone slot (Stone of Quick Thought)
Commit 4

A short, quick blade belonging to the Ruby Lioness, a Fire Aspected leader of horse bandits on the Marukani plains. Jadira took one of her two blades for herself after her defeat, the one with the Hearthstone slot. Currently she carries it but does not attune it for wielding.


Stone of Quick Thought (Manse 1) (Bo3C)

Trigger: Concentration
Grants +1 to Dex and Wits rolls.

Sphere of Balance (Manse 2) (Bo3C)

Trigger: None, constant
+2 penalty to difficulty to knock bearer off balance.
+2 bonus to Athletics rolls that involve balance.

Stone of the Sure Path (Manse 3) (Bo3C)

Trigger: Concentration
Allows an Exalted who knows her destination to find her way to it. Takes shorter the more sure she is of that knowledge. Will not negate sorcerous concealment of the destination.


Gateway board (bought by Mint!)

Quiver of broadhead arrows