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DMSolar501's home page.

Statement: I have been involved in multiple systems as a storyteller, DM, or GM depending on the games vernacular. Most games I have instituted house rules and such but they have been simple and limited in scope. However while playing exalted I found I enjoy the setting but the system at times seems unbalance and incomplete. While discussing with my players we have tried various house rules to change the system and act like patches in a sive. Finally after much analysis large sweeping changes were made to the system, most of which were stored on my computer that eventually died. Due to the unretrieveble nature of the data and the distance in wich me and my players are now attempting to play a game we have decided to post our rules set on this wiki. I have a quick learning curb but have never participated in a wiki before so this is an entirely new experience for me.

  • Overview of changes that are incomplete
  • Finalized fully listed changes that are now offical DMS rules

More to follow I must now go to work


'Llo there. Welcome to the Wiki and so forth. If you need help, peer around at the coding others have used for similar projects. Also, as a general kindness, when not making a Major Change that other people need to know about (new content, new pages, etc), chick the "minor edit" box before saving a page. That way RecentChanges stays updated with only what people actually care about. - Telgar

Thank you for the advise on the minor edits, I obviously didn't think of that but will be sure to practice it in the future. As I said this is my first wiki experience and I welcome all critisism and advice. - DMSolar501