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Theme: Chain-Gangers

This Circle is composed almost entirely of Criminals, and theives. The sort of people that require you to count all your fingers after shaking their hand, as well as your coin-purse. No sir, you don't bring these ones home to meet your mother. Or then again, they might be smooth enough to get you to sell your mother for a seemingly reasonable price....

The Destroyer Resplendent In Black And Gold - Han'ya


A young man with unnaturally pale skin and lots of hair and multiple facial piercings. He wears, naturally, black with gold trim. When he speaks, if it's not obscene it's probably a threat, and even then it's probably still obscene. With a passion for destruction and no scruples whatsoever, he doesn't need to know where you live because he's going to destroy the entire neighborhood anyway. He grew up in the Scavenger Lands, and conquered his entire province's criminal underworld with the aid of his gang. He moved to Nexus to take on the big city, and was making pretty good progress until a building fell on him. Upon his death, he learned that the building had in fact been knocked down by a future coworker of his, and was offered a job by his Deathlord master, who shall remain unnamed. He gladly accepted, and has been on the rampage ever since.

He likes big charms, big swords, and shiny bling with a skull motif. His known associates include...

Juggernaut Gilded in Chains of Spirit - Paincake


Big men take what they wish, and do as they like when they have the mind. In youth, full and flush and murderous, rapine, cruel. Slaking his lust in the usual fashion, he was interrupted when the mother of his victim stole his sight. She stole his breath, his broad back, his right hand. She took his voice, and his shriveled body caved in on itself for a night and a day before the Deathlord came to him with a gift. Blight of the body is no impediment to Abyssal exaltation; all that is asked is that you trade shackles of the flesh for shackles of the soul. His ragged, eyeless cadaver lurches from place to place, half-suspended by dark sorceries. He can still smell blood, after a fashion, sense heat, sense life. Malice is all that fills him, and a lust for destruction. He is girded in soulsteel alloyed manacles, a gift from his master. His hairless skull-like-head is surmounted by a ruin wrought in black iron. From a short chain around his neck is a bright jar filled with the screaming Ghost of the Thaumaturge who cursed him. He has not yet found his once-victim, the scarred spawn of this Thaumaturge, but remains hopeful. His spellwork is insidious, generally, but by special request he enjoys bringing buildings down on future coworkers as an obscene demonstration of might.

He enjoys the company of his new partners in crime, vicariously indulging in the acts he once reveled in, be they murder, con games, or other heinous acts as committed by...

Jhorius Khax - FrivYeti


There is a time for viciousness, and a time for subtlety. Jorius Khax is the master of the latter; a genius of misdirection and master of false identities, Khax never faces a problem directly when he can use others to solve his problems for him. He was born into crime; his mother was a whore and his father the consort of a local road-god, who was not amused to discover that her husband had gotten a child without her. Living under godly wrath and anger, Jorius was shielded by a god-blooded sibling who trusted him, and was set to be a second fiddle forever - until he Exalted and negotiated the surrender of a rival gang to his brother's own. Soon leaving his former leader behind, he has set out to gain power and allies by any means necessary. If that means forming alliances with a Deathlord, he is more than willing to do so, but he has no wish to enslave himself to another powerful master.

For now, though, he finds his Circlemates to be an immensely useful tool to turn against those who cannot be unseated through treachery and guile. He believes that he can manage all of his companions, even...

Kenji the Fox - Paincake

Fledgling Chimera

"I don't understand all of these secrets you whisper, Mr. Fox. And how is a raven like a writing desk?"

It was night time. Sings Like Moonlight stood back, far back from the shadowy tree line where the young girl crouched and spoke to the small lantern-eyes in the dark. "Come away, pup. It is time for the Pact meeting." His words friendly and light, his scent heavy with fear. "Goodbye, Mr. Fox!" Moonlight backed away slowly, taking the girl's hand and turning her; not too late to learn never to turn your back to danger. "Goodbye, Mr. Fox." In a small patch of moonlight, the fox merely sat and watched them go. Behind it, the darkness writhed higher than the treetops and wider than you could run in many breaths.

Before his descent into Madness, Kenji was the Fox totem in the East, loved as a capering trickster and lord of illusion. He wandered too far and stared too deep into the Wyld, and he shed his tattoos as a serpent shucks its old skin. His japes and jests and friendly lunacy remain, but a shard of insanity has forever become one with his being. He wears the faces of men to hide among them, and he whispers secrets of madness to those foolish enough to listen. He has wandered far from the edges of the world, a once-trickster returned as an avatar of fear. He uses his innocent mien and capering to disguise his true goals, and remains the trickster he was in all things. He is fairly out of control, and his fool's chicanery is a foil for Khax's subtlety. He would steal away the souls, fortune, and breath of all whom he meets save for the steady hand and calculated guidance of...

Oanja the Crafty - Heru


Oanja was born on the streets, raised on the streets and grew up on the streets. In fact, despite all its hardships and sorrows, he loves the streets. Being Chosen by the Sun hasn't changed that nor has it given him a new love and appreciation for finer things. His goals are many and varied, but it all comes down to him wanting what is best for himself. He seeks to gather all the knowledge of the world into his mind as well as all the artifacts of the world into his hands. He has taken the long road and the long path and is quite calculated and willing to wait days, months, centuries and millennium. He is not a nice man to his enemies, nor is he innocent or pure, but he is quite steady in both mind and body.

He is with the group of cutthroat Exalted as he is because if feels that through their actions he can achieve all that he wants in this world. He is closer to the other Solar and the Lunar than he is the the two Abyssals, though he does consider the two allies. His relationship certain others, on the other hand, can only be considered bizarre. This is best summed up in how he treats his associate...

Mnemon Oo'long - Haku

Fire Aspect

It wasn't his fault that Oo'long disappointed his mother. She held so high and unreasonable expectations of him.

Truly, it wasn't his fault that he exalted late in life. Sixteen was old for a dynast to exalt as a dragonblooed. Admittedly, the circumstances that resulted in said exaltation... was.

Who would have thought that a small fire in the manse hearthstone chamber would have resulted in a feedback loop that resulted in the Wood-aspected manse going up in flames.

And said flames would spread to the surrounding lands?

It was some time during this fire that burned down one of grandmother Mnemon's manses being looked after by his parents that Oo'long exalted as a Fire Aspect.

Sadly, despite his Exalted status, he didn't do as well as was expected in the House of Bells, even if his skills with fire and daiklaves were exceptional.

He joined the Wyld Hunt and... the next thing he knew, his brotherhood were burned to a crisp after a series of truly unfortunate accidents. He didn't mean it, but that Earth-Aspected bitch was going on and on about how invulnerable she was... well, he HAD to test it, right?

After informing the charterhouse of the incident, he was relieved of his position. He isn't quite sure of the hows or whys of it... but in the blazing fires that soon enveloped the Immaculate monastery that served as the Wyld Hunt's chapter house, he was approached by his future employer.

Some one who had interest in him, despite all those fiery accidents around him. Which is why he's working with a circle of anathema.

And should one of them turn traitor...

Well, he's always wondered if Anathema burn as well as Dragon-Blooded.

Sideline Commentary

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