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Charles Gray’s Exalted Ascendant

Exalted Ascendant is another “alternate setting” for Exalted, that will hopefully add some interesting components for all to discus and use. This is simply the initial “first blush” but I hope people will have some comments on it.

First of all, there are the following “base assumptions” for ExaltedAscendent. (note, I mis-spelled the title page and until I can figure out how to delete a wiki page, I'll just leave it as such)

1. While the Solars remain the “Great Powers” in the setting there were more celestials exalted types extant in the setting, including but not limited to, the Alchemical Exalted who were actually created in the first age.

2. There are *many* different types of terrestrial exalted, most of them very rare, but two groups, the Lunar ExaltedBeastmen and the Dragon blooded are common enough that most people know of them.

3. The Lunars are a major factor in the setting, and they and the Siderals are not at war—far from it, they both cooperated in the Usurpation, and although they’ve been suffering increasingly strained relations since, they still are highly doubtful of the idea of the returning Solars. There will be a few other things, as I continue, but for now I’ll leave a few back ground sections below.

New Setting components

The AlchemicalAscendant.

The JadeBorn

LunarsAscendant, and their AlliesandServants