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A resort town "across the Yanaze", primarily catering to Lookshy.

Mentioned in The Outcaste, p.21 and Manacle & Coin, p.59

Demographic Speculation

If Lookshy numbers around 300,000 people at any given moment, I propose that Centak has a population of 8,700 at any given moment. This is the same population ratio as the famous resort town Porto Seguro in Brazil (96,000) to Salvador, the closest metropolis (3,300,000).

Furthermore, if Centak had similar agricultural output to Lookshy (let's say 200 people per sq. mile, a little less than the more advanced city-state's speculated agr. output, but still high to represent the close connection), that would require only 44 sq. miles of land surrounding the city... since its a riverfront city, that would arrange the agriculture in a semi-circular pattern with a 5 mile radius, which is negligible on Stephenls's map. For God's sake, I must have an autistic kid inside of me to want to calculate this shit. --UncleChu

Well, I think it's fascinating.--Kukla