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Gods, Demons, and Elementals

Herein, one may find a listing of spirits, demons, and elementals suitable for use in their game. In most cases, only a general description of such beings is included, allowing you to assign whatever statistics and Charms you feel appropriate.


Gods, spirits, and functionaries of the Celestial Bureaucracy are described here.


Demons, Yozis, Malfeans, and the enemies of the gods are described here.


Elementals, creatures of base material, are described here.


Um. Silly question, but is this meant to be a BurgarSlave specific resource? Because, between the Gods of The Celestial Bureaucracy, the Demons of the Taxonomy of Madness, and the Elementals in both the Heirs of Sea and Fire and the Panolopy of Dragons, Creatures has a resource for what ails ya :) DS

Well... since I wrote these critters up, yeah. It kinda is. But you can use 'em. That's why I put 'em there.  :P --BurgerSlave