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From Exalt to mortal, from hero to villain, here is a Dramatis Personnae of characters suitable for use in a variety of stories. Included are backgrounds and statistics, as well as an XP total.


  • BurgerSlave/Theorick - This Varangian constable thought his profession to be ordained by Heaven. That was before the Sun charged him with a sacred task. Theorick is a starting character with no XP. Updated for Second Edition!
  • BurgerSlave/CaptainFlint - This mercenary captain now marches to the Sun's banner, gathering a host of troops to challenge the Council of Entities who betrayed him. Captain Flint is an experienced character with 300 XP.
  • BurgerSlave/Steel - Great destiny has led Steel from being simply a skilled mortal blacksmith to one of the finest Twilight Caste craftsmen ever known. Steel is a lightly experienced character with 30 XP.
  • BurgerSlave/DaidoJiUrsus - From lowly thug to crime boss, from simpleton to Exalt, Ursus has had a long and colorful career. Ursus is an experienced character with 290 XP.
  • BurgerSlave/Jarrol - He never aspired to be more than the chieftain of his tribe, but when he was Exalted to the Eclipse Caste, Jarrol knew that his people's time had come. Jarrol is a starting character with no XP.
  • BurgerSlave/Riven - His mother was one of Hell's prostitutes. His father was a judge of men. Now, Riven travels Creation as the Sun's jailer, ensuring that the creatures of Malfeas do not escape their prison. Riven is a starting character with no XP.


  • BurgerSlave/BrunorFrostbeard - An ancient Lunar who remembers the Usurpation, Brunor begins to feel the chill of age, but leads the Ice Bear tribe with strength and wisdom. Brunor is an experienced character with 300+ XP spent.
  • BurgerSlave/MnemonKaza - A clever young man, denied his Terrestrial heritage, Kaza's refusal to be broken by the Scarlet Dynasty would draw Luna's attention. Kaza is a new character with no XP.
  • BurgerSlave/Gaios - A gruff and no-nonsense battle-wizard, Gaios' preconceptions of the Silver Way were to be challenged by his latest charge, a young Dynast from the Blessed Isle. Gaios is an experienced character with 150 XP.


  • BurgerSlave/Eirik - Brunor Frostbeard's youngest son, and Chosen of Mercury, he must reconcile his ancient past with his own convictions. Eirik is a starting character with no XP.
  • BurgerSlave/RedSummer - He began life as a blacksmith who was destined for greatness. Now, as one of Mars' Chosen, he forges fine weapons for his Solar charges. Red Summer is a moderately experienced character with 55 XP.
  • BurgerSlave/BlackLotus - She has served the Immaculate Order her entire life. Now, as a Bronze Faction assassin, she stalks the Anathema in the name of the Dragons. Black Lotus is a lightly experienced character with 30 XP.


  • BurgerSlave/LaughterOfSorrow - A proud and ruthless warrior-chief, this barbarian warlord refused to be stopped by death. Now, he serves Oblivion and the Deathlord Beloved Cadaver Draped In Scarves Of Ashen Silk, cutting a bloody swath across the Northeast. Laughter Of Sorrow is a starting character with no XP.
  • BurgerSlave/TheEfficaciousReciter - Her life ended as it began--as a beggar stealing the coins from corpses' eyes in Sijan. But as The Efficacious Reciter of the Five Prayers of Damnation, she serves the Lover Clad in Rainment of Tears as a priestess. The Efficacious Reciter is a new character with no XP.
  • BurgerSlave/VoiceOfSilence - Death would have taken this boy at an all-too-early age. But now, he eagerly serves Mask of Winters as an assassin and spy. Voice of Silence is a starting character with no XP.


  • BurgerSlave/TepetNoro - Exalted late in life after long years in the Tepet legions, Noro now makes his living as a consulting detective. Noro is a starting character with no XP.
  • BurgerSlave/CynisDaius - Seen by many as a rapscallion and ne'er-do-well, Daius remains staunchly dedicated to the Scarlet Dynasty. Daius is a lightly experienced character with 25 XP.

Heroic Mortals

  • BurgerSlave/KazeiTeiyu - Son of a powerful Lookshy daimyo, this gunzosha warrior has spent his whole life in pennance for his spiritual failure as a half-Dragon. Teiyu is a starting character with no XP.
  • BurgerSlave/CynisIronMountain - His beginnings are humble, but this half-fae son of a Mountain Folk has dedicated his life to the Immaculate Philosophy. Iron Mountain is a starting character with no XP.