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Name:    Mina (♀)
Caste:   Night
Anima:   Spiral Galaxy
XP Left/Total: 1/45

Strength  ☻☻☻☻o   Charisma     ☻☻ooo   Perception   ☻☻ooo
Dexterity ☻☻☻☻☻   Manipulation ☻☻☻oo   Intelligence ☻☻ooo
Stamina   ☻☻ooo   Appearance   ☻☻ooo   Wits         ☻☻☻☻☻
Athletics:     ☻☻☻oo
Awareness:     ☻☻ooo
Dodge:         ☻☻☻☻o (☻☻☻ Unarmoured)
Endurance:     ☻☻☻oo
Investigation: ☻☻☻oo
Lore:          ☻☻ooo
Martial Arts:  ☻☻☻☻☻ (☻☻☻ with Sai)
Medicine:      ☻☻ooo
Melee:         ☻☻☻☻☻
Occult:        ☻☻☻oo
Performance:   ☻oooo
Resistance:    ☻☻☻oo
Stealth:       ☻oooo
Survival:      ☻oooo
Artifacts ☻☻☻oo
Manse     ☻☻☻oo
Mentor    ☻oooo
Compassion ☻oooo    Conviction ☻☻ooo
Temperance ☻☻☻oo    Valor      ☻☻☻oo

Virtue Flaw

Willpower:    ☻☻☻☻☻☻oooo
Essence:      ☻☻☻oo
Essence pool: 15 Personal / 31 (36) Peripheral

□      -0
□□□   -1
□□□□ -2
□      -4
□      Incap
Ox Body Technique (-1,-1,-2)
Ten Magistrate Eyes
Martial Arts
Image of Death Technique
Wall Climbing Technique
Distracting Finger Gesture Attack
Ebon Shadow Form
Body Mending Meditation
Golden Essence Block
Dipping Swallow Defence
Bulwark Stance
Fivefold Bulwark Stance
Heavenly Guardian Technique
Solar Counterattack
None Yet
Orichalcum Sai
(Spd +5, Acc +4, Dmg +3L, Def +4) if I recall correctly
Windhands Gemstone (Hearthstone)
Free Dodge or Parry vs all Ranged attacks
Singing Staff
Unsurpassed Sanxian
Base init: 10
Soak:      2B/1L/0A
Dodge:     12
Orichalcum Sai - Spd: 15, Acc: 17, Dmg: 7L, Def: 17

Mina grew up in the fat West, in the Coral archipelago. As a very young child, she was orphaned and fled to the streets to avoid life as a slave. Life on the streets was hard, but Mina was always quick. She grew quickly, and ran fast.

Life in the streets is dangerous however, as Mina quickly learned. Despite her speed and cunning, it was inevitable that she would get into trouble sooner or later. Grabbing a bite to eat outside a pastry shop, she was ganged up on by a group of thugs - but just as she was eventually caught, an old man stepped up and with a deft series of moves to fast for the eye to see left the thugs lying unconscious on the ground.

What was his surprise when he saw Mina almost perfectly copying the sequence, a frown of intense concentration on her face!

This was the beginning of a great friendship. As Mina grew older, she noticed something strange ... the man who had become her mentor and master did not. He stayed at what to her eyes appeared as 30ish, never aging a day. And the things he taught her were not the kinds of knowledge one could learn in a book ... he had more experience with life than a man of his age had any right to.

It was a stormy night when Mina's life took another irrevocable change. Salerian (her mentor and friend) took her out to the coral reef that gave the archipelago its name, and peering into the darkness she saw a ship, foundering on the reef and breaking up. As Salerian beckoned to her, she followed him out into the shallows and up to the ship.

Jumping aboard, she found the ship to be devoid of life ... but Salerian held a finger to his lips and crept forward on tiptoes. Moments later, the dead rose all around them. As they fought, a golden glow shone around Mina and a great spiral galaxy roared into life! The foul creatures of unlife were blown apart as Mina's shadowed body flicked her twin sai in every direction. As she finished the last of them, she saw Salerian serenely walking out of the cabin with a smile on his face and a gem encrusted box in his hands. With great ceremony, he opened the box - and indicated that the exquisite Gold and Black Sai inside was for her.

Soon after, he showed her why that particular ship had foundered on that spot. Swimming deep the coral reefs, holding their breaths for what seemed like an eternity, they came to an underground cavern where warm waters bubbled and frothed - and a miniature volcano erupted from time to time as runes of ice and fire around the room shifted and flowed. On the peak of the volcano, a beautiful sapphire stone beckoned to Mina, and as she picked it up she felt a wonderfully feeling of peace and rightness wash over her.

Freebies Spent
07/07 Essence
02/09 Melee
02/11 Martial Arts
01/12 Dodge
03/15 Specialities in Dodge and Martial Arts
XP Spent
08/008 Investigation Charm
08/016 Ox Body Technique
03/019 Performance  ooooo to ☻oooo   (Storyteller's Addition)
03/022 Occult       ooooo to ☻oooo   (Storyteller's Addition)
06/028 Occult       ☻oooo to ☻☻☻oo   
01/029 Awareness    ☻oooo to ☻☻ooo   
02/031 Medicine     ☻oooo to ☻☻ooo   
05/036 Lore         ooooo to ☻☻ooo   
08/044 Solar Counteratttack