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A different lunar setting and view on things for how some might like to see a lunar game more like. In this kind of setting cities truely are dens of corruption and decadence. People of virtue may pop up from time to time but those who stay almost always get sucked into the muck around them. Its that simple, this setting favors barbarians.

Even after they were chased from their homes, they mates slain and murdered and forced to contend with madness and death at the end of the world the Lunars did not die or give up. No, they fought and changed and grew. One thing stayed the same though, the desire to protect Creation from the outside forces and to protect their peoples.

The lunars now protect the barbarians of the threashold and hold off the forces of the Wyld. No one choose them or asked them to do it, and its only by their unrelenting efforts that creation hasn't shrunk since the last great Fae invasion. Unknown to those who live within the great decadant cities of civilation they are gaurded and protected by threats they never even learn of. The barbarians know though, and they honour the lunars for their work.

Lunars and barbarians as a whole see nothing of worth to be found in the cities. The armies they form no much for a man of the wild, the luxuries seperate someone from the fundamental truths of Creation and the peasents are little more then slaves for their noble masters. As such, barbarians and lunars don't involve themselves with the cities.

From the view of the cities there is nothing to be had from the barbarians. They carry no great treasures of gems and jade. They live in huts and tents and know nothing of splendor. And so they ignore them in return.

Unknown to the cities the barbarian tribes out in the wilderness vastly outnumber their own peoples. Civilization controls but a small amount of Creations total lands and the rest lies in the able hands of the tribes of wildmen. Some of these tribes are linked into great barbarians nations, others are just scattered tribes.

The life in the wild is hard, but not as hard as one might think. Food is plentiful for those who know how to look and the lifestyle and foods they eat produce a level of health greater then you could ever hope to find in the cities. Hard work keeps everyone fit and over the centuries has bred traits of strength, adaptiveness and quick thinking into the barbarian folk.

The lunars tend towards either living alone but with some tribes under their rule or gathering together with some of their own kind for the comfort to be found in people like themselves. Lunar elders are not as territorial or as alien as you might think of such ancient beings and are willing to help other lunars out if they need it. They help not to solve the problem, but to make you stronger so you can solve it if at all possible.

Lunars take their role of self-appointed protectors against the Wyld seriously and any lunar over 100 years of age has probably found a part of the world to settle down in to watch over. Those who have not reached such an age have no expectations on them beyond one to go out into the world and learn and grow strong.

Young lunars travel creation, seeing different parts and different things. Investigating lost ruins, seeing the corruption of the cities for themselves, testing the mettle against some of the creatures found in this world are all worthy things to do.

Compared to the cities nobility amongst the wildmen is much more commen. People do not lie as much, prefering to say nothing or express that they do not like someone and leaving instead of giving false word. Rape is unheard of, no real man or woman has to force themself on another. There is war between tribes but its not wholesale slaughter. Its a test of honour and strength, a chance to seek glory and full respect is given to a worthy foe.

Travellers wether barbarian or civilized can expect to gain hospitality from a tribe should they ask, for a time. The tribe doesn't coddle them, and they are expected to get their own food somehow though sometimes one can earn a keep with stories and songs.

Comments or Discussion

Still working on this, but any ideas would be welcome. I just wanted to design a setting where you didn't have to run around fighting the cities or worry all the time about an ancient lunar getting overterritorial on your pack. - BogMod

I find myself liking this view of the lunars... different and yet holding true to the concept. ~ Haku

I also dig the revisions made. And this is something I'll definately bring up to my group of Lunar players. Keep going! ~StarHawk

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