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More characters. Abyssals of various sorts, with at the rate Second Edition has been going, likely many more to come after the new book.

Dusk Caste

  • Disciple of the Lost Blade - Though now he goes by merely Nameless, a rogue Abyssal who was originally a soldier of the Realm army slain in the Bull of the North campaign. Hopes to reclaim his honor, but has no idea where to start.
  • Keeper of the Heart's Scale - Former Dezlan swordmaster, believing himself no more than a weapon of his unholy master.

Midnight Caste

  • Princess of Silver Bells and Black Dirges - A young Northerner, not even thirteen years of age, who's family's death to the barbarian horrors of the Wyld awakened her to the fuility of Existence, and now sings the hymes of Creation's passing in her lord's name.
  • Voice of the Dead Gods - A rogue priest of the Neverborn and Oblivion, believing her Deathlord master was unfit and unqualified to carry out the true goals of Oblivion.

Daybreak Caste

  • Bearer of the Book of Going Forth by Night - A former monk and docter, nearly slain by his monastary for practicing the dark acts of necromancy and vivisection. This Southern-born master of the body is also a skilled martial artist, and uses his Black Exaltation to better his understanding of the human form and its various intricacies.

Day Caste

  • Servant of a Thousand Miseries - A former contract assassin and even slgiht serial killer, this beautiful killer seeks to ensnare and enslave the newly returned Solars to her master's will.

Moonshadow Caste

  • Maiden in Black - A former Guild merchant, known for her fair business, and her great deeds, she now serves her Deathlord from spite, angry at a world that abandoned her due to slander, and murder her with the blades of barbarian savages.

So many awesome Abyssal titles. I find they're the hardest part of making a Deathknight.
~~ WeepingStar also corrected the spelling on "disciple".