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The Waxing Moon

The Waxing Moon is a welcoming of new brightness as the last vestiges of darkness begin to fade away - it is the moon under which things are revealed. So, too, the Waxing Moon Caste, who were charged with being the aids of the Eclipse and Zenith castes. They are glib, easy speaker - more subtle than the Zenith but more brazen than the Eclipse, their role is one of the confidante and the interpreter, the adaptible agent that bridges the gap between the lofty goals of the Zenith and the desires of petitioners, or the enigmatic assassin who tempers his Eclipse mate's subtlety with faster methods. They are, ultimately, elegant - their every motion calculated to set the mind at rest, their ability to decipher languages making them an easy person to speak with, to trust - and, if necessary, their skills being put to far more gruesome endeavors.

It was the perfection of the Solars that led the Waxing Moons to turn their backs on them. The Zeniths grew too self-assured, did not ask the thoughts of the populace - they believed that they knew better than their subjects. The Eclipses spun oaths and bargains and played others to ruin, all the while esconced behind their own diplomatic wards. When the time came for them to be cast out, it routinely became the misfortune of the Waxing Moon to be the one punished in their stead. It was little surprise, therefore, when the Waxing Moons disengaged themselves from their social ties, quietly but quickly dismantled the bureaus they headed, and slid off to the edges of society to wait out the coming storm. Those Lunars that remain from the First Age hold many of this Caste, though the arrogant Zeniths often turned on their 'traitorous' advisors if they caught wind of the severing of ties.

The Waxing Moons now find their skills somewhat squandered at the edges of society, but nonetheless carry out their roles - they are diplomats between the Lunar Societies and into Creation, are welcome in the houses of the faerie lords and in the homes of many a city whose despotic lord has been 'removed' by a wandering Lunar - they are the hooks that tether the rest of Lunar Society to recognizable structures and Creation intself.

Totem Selections: Most Waxing Moons have Cunning or Mysteries Totems. Cunning totems are regal animals and birds. Mysteries Totems are social, quiet animals. Stength totems are routinely drawn from symbols of gentle strength, while Alpha totems are drawn from those beasts that interact often. Deceiver totems are well-hidden secrets, skulking and nocturnal animals.

Anima Banner: Waxing Moons have quiet, soft animas - they unfurl like tasteful decorations, tending towards broad bands of white and silver light, tinged at the center with designs or runes of black. Their animas are soothing things that nonetheless speak of danger - as the anima expenditure increases, they lash and root themselves, creating a stark chiaroscuro where the bands coil possessively around shadows and those the Waxing Moon wishes to protect.

Anima Effects: By reflexively expending 5 motes of Essence, the Waxing Moon may 'absorb' one health level of damage dealt to an ally within (Essence x 5) yards - the ally is not dealt that damage, and it is subtracted from the Waxing Moon's total. There is no soak involved - the Waxing Moon simply takes the damage in the place of his charge. A Waxing Moon can 'seize' a number of health levels each turn equal to his or her Essence.

Caste Abilities: The Waxing Moons have abilities that deal with aspects of diplomacy - they are capable linguists and socialites, true, but also must be capable of being a protector for their associates and resilient to interrogation. Their Caste abilities are Bureaucracy, Linguistics, Resistance, Socialize, and Thrown.

Associations: The element of water, the color grey, waxing moons, quills, and eagles.

Sobriquets: Does anyone really read these?

Concepts: Bodyguard, Diplomatic hand, speaker of tribal law, spy in the Realm, Coralite 'special diplomatic operative', speaker of dead tongues.

That was a warning. Don't try to use that hand until a doctor removes the knife. Now, if we're done playing around, please turn to the fourth page of the treaty where you'll find our trade requirements and stipulations...

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