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Before you Start

Find out your

Charisma Wits Intelligence Essence

Performance Linguistics Craft (Calligraphy) Craft (Fate) Occult College

[Charisma + Performance] [Wits + Linguistics] [Wits + Craft (Calligraphy)] [Charisma + Performance] [Essence + College] [Intelligence + Craft (Fate)] [Intelligence + Occult]

Astrology Broken Down

Prayer Roll

+ Divine Petition		[Wits + Linguistics] or [Wits + Craft (Calligraphy)] at difficulty 2, 

4 if in a single turn. Without a petition, the difficulty of the prayer roll is increased by +2.

  - Calligraphy		If the above roll has at least 2 extra successes, reduce the difficulty of the 

prayer roll by -1. If the above roll has at least 4 extra successes, reduce the difficulty of the prayer roll by -3.

+ Cosignitories		Each cosignatory adds +1 die to the prayer roll. Maximum of (6+Essence) 

cosignatories. There may only be up to four other sidereal castes, a number of initiates in the college up to the character's essence, and a lunar and a solar.

+ Countersignatory		If there is a countersignatory, add +3 dice to the prayer roll.

Make a standard prayer roll to a divinity in order to gain their signature. [Charisma + Performance] at difficulty 6 or 5 (if you are a priest)

+ Extended Prayers		Add +1 die per 3 hours of ritual, up to a maximum of +3 dice
= Make your prayer roll	[Charisma + Performance] at difficulty 5

Effect Roll

+ Artifical Specialties	Check charms
+ Destiny Planning		[Intelligence + Craft (Fate)] at difficulty of highest essence user

Every +3 succeses on the above roll adds +1 die to the Effect roll

  - Precomputed Horoscopes	[Intelligence + Occult] at difficulty 1, cannot count more successes 

than made on the destiny planning roll

+ Excellent Petition		Every 3 Extra successes on the Prayer Roll gives +1 die on the Effect Roll
+ Multiple Sidereals		Cosignatory Sidereals may join in the effect roll. 

They must have a rating of at least 1 in the college to assist. Each must roll [Charisma + Performance] at difficulty 3. If successful, add their Essence to the Effect roll.

+ Ritual Behavior		If you display three of the trappings for three days before the roll, 

add +1 die to the Effect roll.

= Make your effect roll	Spend a WP if the prayer roll is a success. Roll [Essence + College]




There's a link to a flowchart for working out astrology on my page - Voidstate