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Under Construction
Since I have been told by multiple people that they enjoy my characters... I decided to post all of them, some with adjustments, and then, as a creative exercise, write up AU versions of them. Note, all Lunar characters will not have stats, since I do not have that splat book. Sorry.


AstraKiseki/KirilaraCeloair - Original version of a Dawn tactician, made with the Apotheosis rules. Dawn caste bureaucrat-general, with romantic complications to a very silly degree.
AstraKiseki/Gale - Dawn warrior, who has hunted and fought against the Wyld and the Fair Folk in all of her incarnations, and wields a cold iron daiklaive.
AstraKiseki/CleverStar - Zenith teenager, a thief-priestess who intends to steal the prayers of Creation back from the Immaculate Order, by theft or by conversion.
The Black Huntress - Infernal Zenith, a servant of the Black Boar That Twists the Skies. Very, very focused on justice and free will. AstraKiseki/CassidyStarbreeze - Modern!Exalted character, a Zenith singer in Vegas.
AstraKiseki/Mina - Child Twilight, a prodigy mechanic from Lookshy.
AstraKiseki/Yue - Twilight Musician. A lover of peace and harmony from Halta who wields the Dulcet Aria of One and Twenty Solar Blades, an artifact guzheng.
AstraKiseki/Mali - Night Spymaster, the token Former Dynast of my Solars. Remembers much of her past life like it was yesterday, and is on the run from House Iselsi as she builds a network to rival them.
Haruhi - Eclipse Street magician. A dreamer of sorcery, Haruhi is balancing managing the kingdom she serves, her studies as a sorcerer, and performing as if she was still a mortal to remain connected to humanity.

AstraKiseki/ForgottenDoveOfOpalTears - My first character ever, a Midnight caste Abyssal trapped as a little girl forever. Yes, she is a gothic lolita.
HopeSpringsEtenral - Midnight renegade, hoping that the Unconquered Sun's glory will restore her lost eye and bleeding wrists.
AstraKiseki/TheBlissfulSeraphofUnspokenTruths - Day caste social ninja, the sort of person who will lead you into becoming a willing slave of Oblivion, and make you think it was your choice the whole time.

None, due to lack of book.

AstraKiseki/Astera - Chosen of Journeys, chained to an artifact book that contains all of her memories. A bit of a blabbermouth and scatterbrained. Her wandering is more in her mind.
AstraKiseki/Toyla - Chosen of Serenity, silent and seductive ronin on the run from the Bureau due to a case of mistaken identity (Warning! Non-canon problem!)

Dove Hell!Game character, Fire-Aspected Akuma, the Bride of the Ebon Dragon.
AstraKiseki/CynisFalenRoshia A Wood-aspected Iselsi undercover in House Cynis, seducing other high breeding DBs to produce Dragonblooded for her true house.

Alternate Universe Characters

This will get silly, since I will be running with non-canon and modern settings as well with this. You won't see everyone here either.
AstraKiseki/KirilaraRoseThorn - Another version of the tactician Dawn dangerous off the battlefield. This Kirilara is about as subtle as her form weapon, a grand goremaul that she wields using the Celestial Thunderclap style of Martial Arts.
AstraKiseki/Eva - Dove's original self, but instead of Exalting as a little girl, she was shunted off to a Manse at the edge of the Isle, and was rescued soon after her Zenith exaltation by her Lunar mate, who was escaping the Isle with a newly erupted Lunar.
AstraKiseki/Rebayca Night caste version of Astera, a friendly, chatty girl with a knack for bureaucracy and giving a headache to the Guild.
AstraKiseki/HaruhiSchildkrote Modern!Exalted Haruhi, a twenty-year-old otaku who loves cosplay... And just so happens to be a newly exalted Twilight who is now focusing her obsession on sorcery.

AstraKiseki/BrilliantHurricane - Gale, as a No Moon elder. Unfortuantely, she doesn't have much of a story for the time being.

AstraKiseki/TalimShadowwave - There was once a devoted daughter of an Iselsi who did not exalt, yet her memory was as clear as the water that was her Exalted father's element. Yet, on a mission, she had a choice. As she made her choice, gray turned to purple and Shadowwave was born. Mali as an Endings Sidereal.
AstraKiseki/OpalHeart - The Abyssal Forgotten Dove, now an adult chosen of Serenity.

Odds and Ends Attached

Limit Breaks

Comments from the Peanut Gallery and Requests

  • Yes! I'll take requests for characters and limit breaks. With characters, give me a simple concept with some rules, and I'll throw out a character and a sheet, if possible. Limit breaks, give me the character it is needed.