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Amazing Infallible Floor
Artifact Level ~ 1
Commitment ~ 2 motes

Yet another ingenious wonder of astonishing utility. The Amazing Infallible Floor comes in a lightweight, easy to carry urn or or flask which can be conveniently attached to a belt or pack. To use, the attuned wielder simply needs to unstop the container, concentrate slightly, a (4/-1) Miscellaneous action, and pour out his new floor. A shimmering tranlucent liquid, of any color the user desires, will pour out of its vessel and quickly expand to fill a 100 square foot area of any shape its wielder desires. The liquid quickly hardens into a slightly plastic, sturdy coating over any surface, including liquids! This surface negates all penalties as a result of unstable footing for anyone standing on or moving across it. The surface itself, while resillient, can quickly be destroyed by harsh environmental hazards, such as acid, lava, or storm driven waters. If its user desires a larger area, he need simply expend 2 motes to generate another 100 square feet of floor. The vessel may be used once an hour and the surface created will persist for up to 3 hours or until its user dispels it.


Will it bridge gaps or cover other areas of empty space, or does it only apply to liquids/spiked floors/other similar hazards?
-- Darloth

It wasn't part of my original intent to allow it to bridge gaps, although that would be pretty darn useful...-A, now full of ponder.

This is such a cool Artifact. Good job Ambisinister the Abminister! - Telgar