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Level 5 AirHearthstones

Concentration Focusing Stone by Senji

Manse •••••
Trigger: Spellcasting
Cost of Activation: One committed temporary willpower

The user of this hearthstone finds that they are able to attain a state of concentration in which the forming and releasing of spells becomes second nature. Entering this state requires that a point of willpower be committed for the duration, but this is compensated by the willpower cost of using TCS, CCS or SCS being reduced by one. The user can only remain in this state of concentration for at most a number of hours equal to twice their permanent willpower.

Gem of Sapphire and Emerald (Exalted, p. 339)

Manse •••••

Gem of the Wind's Secrets (Exalted: The Outcaste, p. 50)

Manse •••••

The hearthstone of the Aviary in Lookshy.

Gemstone of Free Weaving by Senji

Manse: •••••
Triger: Spellcasting

This heathstone modifies the users state of awareness such that Essence Flows are quite clear and malleable to her. This greatly aids the process of Essence Shaping in sorcery, and allows the user to cast spells in one less round than usual. Spells cast in this manner always go off at the end of the round, and are hence still susceptible to countermagic even if it only takes one round to cast them.

Jewel of Clear Skies by Quendalon

Manse: •••••
Trigger: Concentration (Simple)

This lenticular stone shades from cloudy white at the edges to a pale blue center. The bearer may disperse clouds and storms at will, clearing the sky of all weather phenomena, and may maintain this effect for so long as she concentrates. It takes at least one minute to clear the sky, though it may be done more slowly if desired. Clouds thus dispersed do not return until new weather patterns bring them forth again.

Jewel of the Mind's Eye by ikselam

Manse: •••••
Trigger: Concentration (Simple).

This spherical stone is crystal-clear, and fleeting images of people and locations from all over the world flicker through it. When attuned, it allows its owner to project his awareness to any place he has previously visited, seeing and hearing everything that transpires there. The character holds the image of a known place in his mind, and enters a deep trance, during which he is totally unaware of what is going on around him; physical damage will rouse him, but little else can. For the duration of the trance, he may perceive everything that is transpiring at the target location, just as if he were physically present. He may move his viewpoint about freely, but not to any point which he was not holding in his mind's eye when he began meditating; this usually means that he will be limited to a single room, or an area of roughly 100 yards radius if he is not scrying an enclosed area.

This power may only be used once per day. Charms which detect immaterial spirits will register a ghostly image of the character at the point from which he is observing, and powers which block spirits from entering an area will affect him. The Jewel of the Mind's Eye can only be used to observe places, not people. If the target area has undergone drastic change since the character visited it last, he will find himself unable to scry it.

Stone of Memory Capture (Book of Three Circles, p. 118)

Manse •••••

Stone of the Unseen Hand by ikselam

Manse: •••••
Trigger: Concentration (Reflexive).

This transparent, sky-blue sphere has five oblong indentations in it, spaced such that the stone is molded to the grasp of a slightly smaller than average hand. When attuned, it allows its bearer to reach out and touch objects at a distance. The character can affect anything within ten yards of herself. She moves her hands as though she were physically manipulating the object, and receives full tactile feedback; she can actually hurt herself if she tries to grasp something sharp, hot, or otherwise injurious. The character is treated as being in contact with the target for all purposes, including those of magical powers delivered through touch. Sentient targets will feel the character's touch unless she is very circumspect, but will not automatically become aware of its source -- though if they can see her, it will not be very difficult for them to connect her unusual gestures with the sensation of her hands on them.

There need not be a clear line of sight to the target; the character can grope around blindly if she so wishes, but this incurs the normal penalties for acting blind. The character's extended reach applies only to her hands, not any other part of her body, and she must actually reach out in the direction of the target in order to affect it. It is permissible to use the Stone of the Unseen Hand to launch unarmed attacks at range.

Stone of Wind Rivers

 Manse: •••••
 Trigger: Concentration

A pale blue oblong, this Hearthstone allows general control over air masses and winds. Clouds can be created or dispursed, storms made better or worse and existing fog, sand, snow or such substance can be whipped into a vision-obscuring cloud. This is a very broad power and should be regulated carefully by an ST. Note that the winds can not be controlled with any degree of finess and they are not forceful enough to move any object heavier then one pound.

Third Hand Orb (Aspect Book: Air, p. 75)

Manse •••••