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Flesh-Seeking Blade Technique</b>
<b>Cost: 1 mote per -1 Armor Soak
Duration: Instant
Type: Supplemental
Min. Thrown: 4
Min. Essence: 2
Prereqs: Incomparable Assassin Method

Weapons put to use by the Abyssal Exalted have no desire for the taste of cold metal or already-dead leather; they thirst only for warm blood and fresh meat. By attuning himself to the innate desires of his weapon, the Abyssal grants it uncanny ability to slip past a target’s armor and find the sweet meat within. When this Charm is activated, the weapon thrown flies erratically towards the target, nimbly slipping through defenses to weak points and gaps in the target’s armor, reducing his effective armor-based soak by 1 point per mote of Essence spent on the Charm. The Abyssal may not lower his victim’s soak below the victim’s Permanent Essence through this Charm, or any combination of Charms. This Charm cannot affect inanimate objects, though Alchemical Exalted are fair game. This Charm does not affect characters who are not wearing armor; the ST decides if it affects creatures with natural armor (such as Dragon Kings or certain Wyld Mutants) as necessary.

Light-Dousing Breath</b>
<b>Cost: 3 motes
Duration: Instant
Type: Supplemental
Min. Thrown: 3
Min. Essence: 2
Prereqs: None

The Abyssal Exalted, with their innate connection to the night and darkness, are often prone to aversions to light and fire. With the help of this Charm, the Abyssal may ensure that his actions remain hidden and darkness creeps wherever he goes.
The Abyssal may activate this Charm upon declaring a standard Thrown attack. Assuming the attack succeeds, all sources of light and fire - except for Solar, Abyssal or Lunar Animas or Castemarks - within a radius of the impact zone equal to the Abyssal's Essence * 2 in yards are immediately extinguished.
If the Abyssal wishes, he may spend 1 additional mote when activating the Charm; if this is done, objects within 1 yard of the weapon's flight radius are also affected, as above.
This Charm has no effect on the fire of a Dragon-Blooded Fire Aspect's anima, though things set alight by that anima may be put out normally.

Springboard Assassin Technique</b>
<b>Cost: 2 motes per surface
Duration: Instant
Type: Supplemental
Min. Thrown: 3
Min. Essence: 2
Prereqs: Aid of Ill Wind

Often an Abyssal may find that his target has managed to get into a small space, or otherwise place objects in front of him that would make a straight shot impossible. While those who are truly skilled - and possess the right equipment - may certainly try for a skillful ricochet, it is no way guaranteed. The use of this Charm, however, ensures that such tactics will suffer no difficulties.
By infusing the weapon to be thrown with a touch of Essence, the Abyssal can force the weapon to ricochet of off a number of surfaces equal to the motes spent. When the knife hits that surface, the target immediately is impacted with a touch of necrotic Essence, reducing some of its hardness and absorbing and rechanneling the impact, so that the blade suffers no loss in velocity as it continues to its next point of impact, be it the victim or another springing point.
The Abyssal may not spend more motes powering this Charm than his permanent Essence * 2. Each point of impact must be within normal range of the weapon from the previous point, though the Abyssal is more than free to use a combo with Aid of Ill Wind to extend such ranges. Using Aid of Ill Wind requires the Abyssal to pay for each ricochet involved.


Light-Dousing Breath is cool, though it seems a little weak and the prerequisites might be knocked down a tad. Maybe it should work on any sources of light within one yard of the weapon's flight path? That way, a nice stunt with some convenient ricochets can put out every source of light in a large room. - Quendalon
I like the idea of it dousing things in the flight path, as well... revision has been made. As for the prereqs, it just seems like most of the "odd effect" Charms start at Ability 3, so that's where I put this one. - Ashande

Okay, I like this (Springboard Assassin Technique) charm. It reminds me a lot of Ricochet Weapon Technique), in a lot of ways, even the system. The only problems I've got is that the 'fungus' bit is a bit silly, and I don't think I'd encourage that in one of my games, and the additional range seems to make the charm a lot more powerful than it's solar counterpart. I might suggest making it 2 motes/ricochet, so you cover the ricochet and the additional range at the same time. Also, you need to clarify how exactly this charm works in a combo with Aid of Ill Wind. One point you state it can be used, the next it can't. I think you mean it can be used to determine initial range, but not range of extra 'jumps'? Though you might want to ponder if you really need to do that; using them together DOES require the player to spend 3xp and grab a combo, which requires a Willpower to use. -- CrownedSun

The fungus was there because I was trying to think of how the death Essence makes it work. Altered the apparent visual effect, plus changed how it works with Aid of Ill Wind. In the previous version, I did mean that you could use Aid of Ill Wind for the actual throw, but not the ricochets. Text altered there. Better? - Ashande