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Fallen-Soul Horror
Cost: 20m, 2wp; Mins: Occult 5, Essence 5, Whispers 3; Type: Simple
Keywords: Avatar, Combo-OK, Compulsion, Emotion, Obvious
Duration: Instant
Prerequisite Charms: God-Slaying Torment, Divinity-Banishing Contempt

Mortals know they will die. Its their nature and no matter how they struggle against it a part of them accepts it. Gods, Fair Folk, Demons...they all believe differently. They truely think they can exist forever. When you reveal to them how false that is, when you throw that most cherished belief into their face it destroys them in its own way. From the tomb bodies of the Neverborn themselves, their broken hollow shattered lower souls, or even the gaping mouth of the Void there is no doubt when you have seen those sights that such a fate will eventually find you.

Using this charm flares the users Anima to the 16+ mote level for a single terrible moment. Those immortal beings who see it(Gods, Demons, Fair Folk, and those with perfect reincarnation like Dragon Kings but not Exalted or any Creature of Death) immediately come to realise the fate that awaits them. Unless they immediately spend a number of Willpower equal to the Abyssal's Essence to resist this Emotion effect they must flee to someplace they feel safe. There they will spend a number of weeks equal to the Deathknight's occult cowering and trying to rebuild their belief in their own immortal existence. Even after that for the next Essence in years all actions they take in direct opposition to the Deathknight has an increased difficulty of 5. This penalty applies even for beings that spent Willpower to not flee. This charm can even work on the Yozi themselves though the Ebon Dragon has looked into the Void often enough to not fear it as is his own twisted nature.


Fallen-Soul Horror seems a bit powerful, but it does have some fairly high requirements and it can be resisted. I take it that 'immortal' in here refers to creatures with no set time of death and the potential for full, personal reincarnation (ie, doesn't include Exalts or x-Blooded)? And you intend for ghosts to be interpreted as post-mortal rather than ageless/immortal (I'm guessing so)? On the increased difficulty-- (1) I'm guessing external penalty? (2) Is this still a part of the Compulsion/emotion, and if so, does it only cost 1 to resist? Finally, I switched your immidientlys to immediatelys and existance to existence, I hope that's okay. -- IsawaBrian

Oh right, yes it was supposed to be things like Dragon Kings, gods, demons, yada yadda. Yes, the increased difficulty is the same as an External Penalty. And yes fixing my spelling errors are fine. -BogMod