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Level 1 AbyssalHearthstones

Ghost Lantern by Ikselam

Manse •
Trigger: None.

This cylindrical, matte-finished gem glows with a pale green light. When attuned, it causes all ghosts who approach the bearer to glow with a similar radiance. This causes immaterial ghosts to be become visible, but does not allow interaction with them without the appropriate magical powers. Materialized ghosts' entire bodies glow; if a ghost is possessing a person, or animating a dead body, only his eyes will glow.

Gem of Necrotic Excellence by Seraph

Manse: •
Trigger: None

This stone appears dull black and utterly ordinary, almost like a chunk of coal. However, when set into soulsteel and worn by a necromancer, it sharpens the bearer's appreciation for and mastery over dead flesh, granting three extra dice of Craft (Necrosurgery)

Life-Drain Stone (Book of Three Circles, p. 112)

Manse •

Road of Hatred Stone (Book of Three Circles, p. 113)

Manse •


The Ghost Lantern gem is excellent. It should have a radius though. -- Resplendence