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Abyssal Craft Charms by CrownedSun

Perfection of the Void

 Cost: 1 mote/two dice
 Duration: Instant
 Type: Supplemental
 Minimum Craft: 1
 Minimum Essence: 1
 Prerequisite Charms: None

The underworld is a dark yet often achingly beautiful reflection of the living world, and though it is the primary purpose of the Abyssal Exalted to destroy and unmake they are often well-known for their achingly beautiful and yet somehow disturbing deathcraft. An Abyssal with this charm can bring some of the lore, knowledge and dark yet aching beauty of the Underworld to his crafts. Every mote spent on this charm provides two additional dice to his Craft rolls, though he is unable to more than double his basic Attribute + Craft pool for any attempt.

Any item or structure made with the aid of this charm is touched of some of the essence of the Underworld, and often resemble gravegoods except in their general durability and ability to survive in Creation -- they can seem more perfect than would normally be possible, somewhat dark and often glossy, and touched of the dark beauty of the dead. In Creation, such items are quite strange and recognizable as being touched of the afterlife and seem somewhat...wrong.

Excellent Effigy Preparation

 Cost: 5 motes
 Duration: Instant
 Type: Supplemental
 Minimum Craft: 2
 Minimum Essence: 2
 Prerequisite Charms: Perfection of the Void

The creation of Grave Goods in Effigy is an art, well-well practiced by the funeary artists of Sijan and numerous Barbarian Tribes. Through the practice of the art, the Dead enjoy wealth and luxury far surpassing any possible in life. With the aid of this charm, however, the Abyssal becomes a flawless master of the art of construction in effigy. The main purpose of this charm is in the creation of grave goods for the burial of a lost soul, an endeavor that requires one scene of effort per grave good to be created with this charm. No craft roll is required, and this can be considered a Perfect effect for the creation of effigy. The grave goods that result are quite impressive, and if successfully transfered to the underworld are considered of Perfect quality rather than Exceptional.

As a side-effect, this charm renders the Abyssal the master of making replicas and miniatures of various types even in creation. While these are not true grave goods, and have little real effect, they are perfect in every way related to their construction. Often quite unique, such curiosities are favored by some of the more eccentric nobility and might serve other purposes as well.

Idle Hands Technique

 Cost: 6 motes
 Duration: Until completed
 Type: Simple
 Minimum Craft: 3
 Minimum Whispers: 1
 Minimum Essence: 2
 Prerequisite Charms: Perfection of the Void

The Abyssal Exalted are the children of the Dead Gods, blessed in the Labryinth by their dreaming lords. Many Abyssals continue to hear the words of their masters, and some even learn to channel such dark whispers into their everyday activities. This charm is one such method, through which the Abyssal brings an item from out of the maddening dreams of the Malfaens and into Creation. The deathknight gathers together the materials and tools of his chosen craft, and sets out to shape from his motions some item given shape in his mind by the Dead Gods.

The crafting process for such goods is different from normal. The planning stage is replaced with Perception + Whispers roll, the outcome of which determines the type of object created. With one or two successes, the item is a strange and somewhat disturbing example of his normal craft yet normal in everyway. Three or four successes allows the Abyssal to bring into existance a lesser Malfaen charm of some kind, the equilivalent to a level one artifact. Five or more successes creates the more potent greater Malfaen charm, which is the equivalent of a level two artifact. The rest of the process is identical to crafting a normal item, and typically requires a number of successes on the craft roll equal to the number of successes on the Whispers roll x5. An Abyssal typically recieves one roll per day of work, but this can vary depending on the craft. During the work that creates the object dreamed by the Abyssal, he typically creates and throws away a great number of 'flawed' or 'imperfect' versions before he finishes. The Essence for this charm must remain commited until the object is completed, or the inspiration flees the Abyssal.

The powers of such artifacts are typically not hugely powerful, and are of varied natures depending on the craft with which this charm is based. They typically resemble mortal talismans more than actual artifacts, though can become somewhat more powerful, and almost never require the commitment of Essence for their effects. Such items can last forever in the Underworld or Shadowlands, but are weak in Creation, and loose their powers and slowly distinigrate into dust after a number of months equal to the character's Essence.

Let's have a look at some: ExampleMalfaenCharms

World-Bridging Ritual

 Cost: 3 motes per item (grave goods), OR 5 motes per item, 1 willpower (artifacts)
 Duration: One day
 Type: Simple
 Minimum Craft: 5
 Minimum Essence: 3
 Prerequisite Charms: Excellent Effigy Preparation, Decay Resistance Preparation

It is well known that the wealth of the Underworld cannot bear existance in Creation. The touch of the sun burns away such goods, which fade away into smoke and mist. Only the night, or during the twilight time of Calibration, can such goods be safely transferred into the living world. Such is the common knowledge of savants, but such learned folk are in fact mistaken -- an Abyssal with this charm can utilize his own Essence to keep grave goods solid and whole in Creation. Even the touch of the sun has no effect on such goods, as long as they are protected by the magic of this charm.
These magics that keep such items solid and whole in Creation must be performed at night or a Shadowlands, and require a small 10-minute ritual in which the item is ritually prepared to remain whole for another day. Every item so enchanted requires the commitment of 3 motes of essence for the coming day. This charm also works on the artifacts of the underworld, allowing them to function in Creation, but such items instead require 5 motes of commitment each as well as a point of willpower.
An Abyssal cannot use this charm on more items than his Permanent Essence, though they need not remain in his possession. If he is not available to reapply the charm every night, however, the item will eventually fade away.

Labryinth Extending Technique

 Cost: 10 motes, 1 willpower
 Duration: One scene
 Type: Simple
 Minimum Craft: 4
 Minimum Essence: 3
 Prerequisite Charms: Stone Withering Method

The Abyssal Exalted share a natural affinity for the twisting tunnels of the Labryinth, and it is their kinship with that maddening place that this charm exploits, allowing the Deathknight to oversee tunnelling projects that would beggar the mind of those unfamiliar with such magics. The "labryinths" (small l) created by this charm seem to be somewhat related to their master, and many grace the earthen works under the strongholds of various deathknights -- though mere tunnels are hardly the only use for this charm! The construction of dungeons and other underground structures, sapping in siege warfare, and even mining can all benefit from this versatile magic.
When this charm is used, the Abyssal becomes a masterful foreman able to oversee the efforts of large workcrews. He must keep a close hand over his workers, however, and direct their work personally -- though he is not required to actually aid in the labor, many deathknights do such anyway. The workforce cannot number larger than the Abyssals Essence x10 workers, but the efforts of even such a small force are quite impressive indeed when aided by this magic.
When used, this charm prevents the worst of mining accidents and dangers. Cave ins and collapsing tunnels need not be worried about, though lesser dangers are not warded against and such labor is often quite hazardous for the workers themselves. In addition, this charm speeds the work effort of the workers -- divide the time such construction would normally take by the result of an Intelligence + Craft roll, adding in the Abyssal's Permanent Essence as automatic successes


I like (Perfection of the Void -ed). -BogMod

I like bridging the worlds. I might make the duration essence in days, for non artifacts, though. Otherwise the WP cost is awfully high for just a spiffy sword. -- Scrollreader

Thanks, I'm glad you like it. I see I screwed up the cost, though, good catch. It's fixxed now:D

You might want to clear up the text at the end of Labyrinth Extending. It's kinda clunky. Maybe "Divide the time such construction would normally take by the result of an Intelligence + Craft roll, adding in the Abyssal's Permanent Essence as automatic successes." - Ashande

In the future, feel free to make such changes yourself and just let me know you did so:) It's not like you're changing anything, per se. - CrownedSun

Yay! My prereq for my Craft Charm hath been posted! - Ashande