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Ashande's Lair

Improbable Entrapment Device
Cost: 5 motes, 1 Willpower
Duration: Varies
Type: Simple
Min. Craft: 4
Min. Whispers: 1
Min. Essence: 3
Prereqs: Idle Hands Technique

The Malfeans love to make traps. Much like spiders, the fun is in the weaving of webs and catching of small insects, for them. For those Abyssals wishing to emulate them, the construction of Rube Goldberg-like devices and cleverly concealed traps quickly becomes second nature, aided by the horrid whispers of the Malfeans.
An Abyssal may use this Charm to construct a trap of perfectly ordninary materials, utilizing his surroundings and the advice of the Dead Gods to make it nearly undetectable and incredibly effective. When the Abyssal activates this Charm, he must make a Wits+Crafts roll; the Storyteller should consider stunt dice, as normal, as well as possibly adding bonus dice for particularly inventive or properly useful design or materials. If the Abyssal has a rating in the Whispers background, he may add that to his roll as well. Other Craft-enhancing Charms may also be used, for their normal effects.
A trap thus designed has a base Damage, Dice Pool, and Detectability of the Abyssal's Essence + Whispers. The Damage is the amount anyone springing the trap recieves, the Dice Pool is the number of dice rolled for the trap's attack roll when sprung, and Detectability is the difficulty modifier of any rolls to spot or disarm the trap. For every 2 successes on his roll, the Abyssal may add 1 to any of these categories.
The trap remains viable and functional until sprung, or until the Abyssal ceases to commit Essence to it. Releasing the Essence causes the trap to rot and decay rapidly, as the committed motes are no longer present to keep the necrotic power of the Malfeans from destroying the device.


Well, I came over here to change the prereqs, since Crowned Sun finally made the Charm that's the proper prereq for this one.. only to discover he already had. Did add the minimum Whispers, though. - Ashande