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I thought it had an overdeveloped sense of political activism that encumbered it as a game. Regardless of if you agree with the politics or not, I thought the degree to which they were front-and-centered made the setting less a setting and more a platform for a polemic.

It's worth reading, but if I wanted to do something with it, I'd probably rework it somewhat so it was less satire and more setting, and then I'd use DC heroes or Aberrant or SAS BESM or that cool-ass game that Steve Kenson's working on that he showed me at the cons this summer.

Geoffrey C. Grabowski\\ Posting as a private citizen

Yesterday's dystopia, mostly. People ten years ago writing about a dark future that was even at that time somewhat dated. I think the best fragmentary discription is that Corporations make mentally handicapped clones because over the clone's lifetime, it'll spend more at their store than it cost to clone the retard. "The American dream is dead, but you're all a bunch of supervets with chemical dependency problems and programming that makes you act heroic." The overall effect is somewhat like Dark Knight Returns but with more crypto-Progressive than crypto-Fascist overtones. It reminds me of early WW books -- lots of fists in the air and "damn the man", lots of non-specific longing for the Great Society, but no real actual suggestions or agenda. Sorry to make the description political but the game is a bald-faced polemic. If you're not saying "Wow, I never knew Grabowski was a fascist pig!" after reading this, you probably won't like Underground's setting.

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Steve Kenson? Game? Buh? -MeiRen

That would likely be Mutants and Masterminds, given context and author. - Moxiane
Which I might add is a damn fine game, in my humble opinion, even if I normally recoil from all things d20. ~ WeepingStar