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Exal : Return Home

I have a game I'm running over at, it's a solar game and I need some more players if anyone becomes interested. This game has been deleted, but I'll keep links and this page available just in case.

"Return Home"
My very first Solar Exalted Game.
5 solars from the first age of man, awaken in the second age to realize that everything they once knew is now gone. Their soldiers are now the kings and their kind is hunted like animals and demons. They are charged with not only saving their fate, but the fate of those that believe in them.

What will be here.

StarHawk/CharacterSheet - The one I like best. A Blank one for characters to use. Formatted for
StarHawk/Characters - just an update of PCs and NPCs that will be featured in the game.
StarHawk/CreationInfo - Extra information for playing in the game.
StarHawk/History - A back history not completely cannon.
StarHawk/Names - A list of names.

Things from the Peanut Gallery

I'm totally new to things such as RPoL, but interested. What kind of play-format are you looking for? Asynchronous, where we pretty much post and act once every few hours/day, or synchronous, where we all sit down at the same time and use something like an IRC or Chat client? -- GreenLantern, who would take the Zenith slot if things worked out schedule-wise.

Wow. I forgot to check back here, sorry. Mostly from what I've been privvy to it's the former, though sometimes I'll hit peak moments with players and get a few posts in one right after another. So either is fine but we don't schedule a time to be on. You should come check it out sometime. ~StarHawk