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When submitting a Solar character concept, I would like included:

  • A fitting name.

-- is an excelent name generator. And I'd prefer these type of names over "Cold of the Cold Cold"

  • A small background of what kind of life your character lived before exaltation.

-- Was she a farmer's daughter? Whs she a cherished half-caste daughter of some higher up? Is she from the ghetto and doesn't yet know how to read?

  • At least and idea of how they exalted.

-- I don't usually like the "I woke up and exalted a Zenith because I speak good." I'd like something to guide me on why you exalted as you did.

  • Why they were chosen to be 'saved' by their teacher?

-- it doesn't have to be much, it could even be boiled down to "the character was an attentive student." Or as complex as "He owed my parent/guardian a favor" or maybe "the character excelled at Lore and is valuable to the 'future generations'" it's really up to you.

  • A small discription of the character.

-- sometimes it need not be said, but a lot of times people pass over detailing the looks of their characters. So I wanted to add it to my oh-so-demanding list.

Stats can come later. But if they're included in the original post that's fine too. Statistically I would like:

  • No abilities above 4 (unless backed up in background history)

-- I'm tired of seeing farmers with a melee of 5.

  • Atleast 4 charms in your CASTE abilities.

-- Again I don't want to see an Eclipse with all melee charms.

Backgrounds are a little limited:

Artifacts: limited to 3 (But use the DB rules for artifacts.)
Manse: must take "Hidden manse merit" and is then limited to 3.
Allies, Followers, Contacts, Familar: May be taken, but your allies/followers/contacts/familar will all be gained after game starts. (More info to come on that subject.)
Backing/influcne: Same as above.
Resources: Still allowed, but is different. Since currency has changed so much, the characters are stinkin' rich with gold coinage, but it's not as much as they're used to (inflation and such.) but they can still sell off their gold coinage for useable currency after game starts.

  • All merits and flaws are open for discussion. But also all are up for Storyteller aproval.