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Charm Cards?

I didn't quite get the army of volonteers I envisioned, or any reply at all from White Wolf. I'm still convinced my Charm Card application is something that rivals the Eye of Autochton though, so I posted to the White Wolf forums (here) and asked people to look at the updated demo version:


Just a thought...I know that already has every published charm in a database. Perhaps you could convince them to do a .csv export? --Toram

I actually stole the current data from them, but you're right, I could ask nicely. :) There would still be some data to fill in though. Resplendence

Eric Brennan who was managing the newer batch of charm cards posted on the other day to say he didn't have the time to finish, however he has most of the charms from the existing books in shortened versions already typed out. he's looking for someone to take over the last stages of the project (which he said would only take about a week or so). Maybe you could combine the two projects? - Voidstate
Here's the post I mentioned: - Voidstate
Thanks, I've emailed Eric about it. Resplendence
What additional information needs to be added to this data, and are you still looking for help doing so? I volunteered to help Eric with the charm cards, and I'll extend the same offer of help to you. (What kind of database are you using, BTW?) -- Sixten
Yes, for now the porject is still going. I'm still waiting to find out about copyright and such. Assuming all goes well, then yes, I need help - mainly filling in Charm effects and prerequisites. I have a simple form for that though to make things quick and easy. It would be great to get access to Eric Brennan's Charm Card data, but he hasn't replied to me yet. I'm using a MySQL database. Resplendence

Nice project. As for helping - what format are the cards stored in? We have already entered lots of Charm Data (all Solars, all Sidereal, all DB except Aspect books) in an XML format for the Anathema project and maybe we could come up with a way of sharing the data with you, if you are interested. -X

I just saw this reply, so just in case you miss my reply, I emailed the people listed at Sourceforge as the project admins. I hope one of them is you. :) Resplendence

So, has there been any further word from WW? Any plans to release your tool? (I gotta think that with 2nd Ed coming out in a few months, this will be less of an issue for them.) -- Sixten

No, nothing new. I talked to Conrad Hubbard about it, who kindly said he'd forward my idea to his evil masters. I even suggested they could have the PHP files and database to run as they please on their server. But I haven't heard anything yet. I don't want to nag, but if you want to help, you could post on the WW Exalted forum and ask what's happening. Don't mention me, but do mention Conrad. :) Resplendence
Well, not much luck with that. :-( -- Sixten
I bumped the thread, but I've pretty much given up by now. It's a shame, really. Resplendence
Any chance you might consider sharing it for others' personal use (that is, not running on the public web, but available as a tarball or suchlike? I'd find that useful as a Storyteller, and am happy to help with some of the data entry of other charmsets in return. -- Sixten
I guess I could do it privately and WW wouldn't know, but suddenly someone lets it out on the net and my name will be all over it. It's not that I distrust you, but I don't want to get in trouble over this. I can't very well deny any knowledge of it since I showed it to Conrad. I'll have to think about it. But dammit, they should at least have asked me to redo the Charm Card PDFs in a prettier format than the current ones. Resplendence