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Well, I've fallen in love With GoldenCat and his lunar work and have been doing some stuff with it for a few upcoming settings. Among them are some early blushes on new Lunar charms for creating allies, bioengineering and the like-- the Lunars in most of my games are the great molders of life, while the Solars are the great creators of artifacts (although twilights can excel at both).

AvatarCharms : The might of Luna shines down on her children as they become greater than they were-- literal God-Beasts and the fathers (and mothers) of lesser beasts.

Wouldn't LunarCharms be a good place to put these? Perhaps in a separate section to differentiate them? That or subpaged off a userpage, perhaps?
-- Darloth

I'm not certain, honestly, since they use a base charmset that is itself a different version of the 1e lunars. -- CharlesGray