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Alchemical HearthStones

These are the Stones of Alchemy, rare HearthStones produced at Manses tuned to the alien Essences of Autocthonia. They often take the form of clays, shaped metallic tools, perfect crystals and bits of clockwork. Stones of Alchemy have power over the artifical, the worked and the process of making.

Level 1

Tool Stone (partial credit to Haren)

 Manse: •
 Trigger: Concentration

Favored tool of many crafters who often find themselves without their workshops and supplies, the Tool Stone takes the form of a perfect cube of iron ore. When set into an Artifact the Tool Stone allows that item to be used as any mundane tool, even one it normally could not possibly be used as. For example, if set into a Dragon Tear Tiara a Tool Stone would allow the Tiara to function as a hack saw, hammer or even a chisel.

Mother Spike

 Manse: •
 Trigger: Contact with scrap metal

While appearing to be nothing more then a steel spike, this Hearthstone's presence has saved a kingdom on occasion. The Mother Spike can be used to transform any scrap of metal into a high-quality mechanical component. The Spike cannot create anything with moving parts not can it turn a scrap into a component more then three times its original size. The part created will be of the same metal as the scrap used. In order to transform a scrap into a useful part, the Mother Spike must be touched to the scrap for twenty seconds.

Noduble of Lubrication

 Manse: •
 Trigger: Being squeezed

Useful for a variety of purposes, this lump of congealed black gunk can be squeezed to produce high-quality crude oil. Nodule can produce up to 1 quart of oil in a minute, but it cannot provide more then a gallon of oil a day. The oil produced by this HearthStone is normal in every way.

Appraising Eye

 Manse: •
 Trigger: Inspecting a device

Though appearing as little more then a sphere of dull, browned copper the Appraising Eye can reveal the inner secrets of any item it is turned upon. Inner secrets, of course, meaning monetary value. Simply by gazing upon some artificially created device, magical or not, the owner of the Eye can tell the Resources value of the item. If the item is broken, he can tell what the value of it is currently and what it would be if it were repaired. Note that the value given by the Eye is a fairly general mark and that some people may pay a great deal more or less for an item based on personal taste.

Level 2

Bronze Chrysalis

 Manse: ••
 Trigger: Concentration

Taking the form of a plum-sized bronze octohedron, the Chrysalis can be used to preserve objects or for a variety of other purposes. When touched to any item smaller then a cinderblock and willed to do so by its owner, the Chrysalis covers the item in a skin of molten bronze that protects, preserves and, incidentally, paralyzes the item. While this power can be used on living creatures, anything with a Strength + Athletics greater then 2 can escape the bronze skin before it is completely sealed. Items that have been bronzed are virtually immune to time and the elements, having a hardness of 18 against all environmental damage. Other sources of damage halve the hardness. Beyond that protection the item is only as strong as it would normally be.

Coldfire Cabochon

 Manse: ••
 Trigger: Concentration

This HearthStone forms as a brilliantly red stone shot through with sparks of gold and swirls of blue. When its master wishes to perform a metalworking task that normally requires heat he can instead use the power of the Coldfire Cabochon to perform the task cold. The build-up of power is too gradual to use in combat. The Cabochon is powerful enough to melt metal, even steel, given time. Melting a sword into a puddle of cold liquid metal takes about ten minutes. To maintain the magic of the Cabochon, its owner must remain in contact with whatever metal he is working. If he breaks contact with the metal, the magic is broken and it drops into whatever form it would normally have at room temperature. The Cabochon's power cannot effect the Five Magical Materials or non-metallic substances.

Level 3

Tetrahedron of Deconstruction

 Manse: •••
 Trigger: Destroying objects

In addition to providing Essence in a flow from its Manse, the Tetrahedron of Deconstruction releases Essence that is bound within an item as it is shaped to the purpose of an intelligent being's will. When the item that the Tetrahedron is set into is used to destroy a manufactured item such as a glass statue or a clockwork automaton, the Tetrahedron gathers in the Essence of that object and gives it to its owner. The amount of Essence gained from the destruction of an object is directly proportional to the complexity of the item destroyed. For every success required for the creation of the object, its destruction gives one mote.

The Fabric Key

 Manse: •••
 Trigger: Concentration

Taking the form of a raw-iron cylinder four inches long with a single rough protuberance at the end this Hearthstone functions as a key between worlds. In places where the fabric of Creation is weak such as uncapped Demesnes (especially Abyssal, Infernal or Alchemically aspected demesnes), Shadowlands and Wyld Zones, this Stone transforms any doorway into a passage to another realm. The Underworld can automatically be accessed and such is the most apparent function of this stone. However with an Intelligence + Larceny roll (difficulty 5) it is possible to enter Malfeas, Yu-Shan or Autochthon. Travelers appear at the corresponding location to the doorway in the Underworld, but are placed randomly in Autochthon or Malfeas. Travelers to Yu-Shan appear at one of the normal Gates. Once in Malfeas or Autochthon, the Stone can transform any doorway in those places to a portal back into Creation. However doing so will destroy the stone. It will reform normally at its Manse and the traveler will return to Creation at the location he exited.

The Bottled Gem

 Manse: •••
 Trigger: Concentration

Extremely odd, even for an Alchemical HearthStone, the Bottled Gem earns its name because whenever it forms, it does so inside a bottle of some kind. It can form inside any container that can be closed and opened, but bottles are most common. The Gem itself takes the shape of an irregular golden nugget for the majority of the time. But when its power is invoked the nugget changes into a golden vapor or a faintly luminous quantity of liquid gold. Thus, the bottle. The bottle in which the Gem forms is considered part of the HearthStone.
The Bottled Gem's power allows its owner to transmute up to a cubic foot of any substance into a new phase. After being touched by the Bottled Gem the substance can have its phase shifted by passing either way through the freezing or boiling point of water. After the phase change is affected, the substance is locked into its new phase barring the intervention of magic.

Gremlin Stone

 Manse: •••
 Trigger: Special

A gray triakis icosohedron the size of a man's fist, the Gremlin Stone is much sought after by those who make use of the complex and delicate products of magic engineering. When set into a magic engine the Gremlin Stone completely fulfills the requirements of that engine for HearthStone power. Further, the Gremlin Stone takes its name from the ancient metal-spirits that once acted as Autocthon's army of engineers and repairmen. An engine powered by the Gremlin Stone is automatically maintained as if by a character with Intelligence 5, Lore 4 and Occult 4 and access to unlimited Resources 4 purchases. This maintenance takes the form of a horde of tiny grey beings spawned from the Gremlin Stone which constantly crawl over and within the engine, keeping it in perfect condition.

Level 4

Golem's Eye

 Manse: ••••
 Trigger: Constant Effect

Not a HearthStone often used by the vain or the fastidious, Golem's Eye takes the form of an ugly, slightly moist and eternally malleable ball of clay. The owner of Golem's Eye can take on some of the magical power of the first quasi-human beings fashioned from mud and earth, healing himself with the application of clay to his wounds. By molding 1 pound of natural clay to cover his wounds over the course of an hour the Eye's owner can heal a single bashing or lethal health level. After using this Stone for any extended period of time, the owner starts to take on a slightly earthy scent and always leaves behind stains of the clays used to repair his body when he touches things.

Torus of Essence Impregenation

 Manse: ••••
 Trigger: Contact with an item

The Torus is a palm-sized ring of hepatizon, a purple-blue alloy of copper and gold, which emits a faint hum and is warm to the touch. The Torus has no innate power beyond its ability to channel Essence from its home Manse but, unlike most HearthStones, it can channel its Essence flows into objects it is touched against. Inanimate objects in contact with the Torus for at least an hour absorb Essence equal to that which the Torus would grant its owner if at complete rest. The owner of the Torus does not gain any Essence from the Torus when it is charging an object. Items charged by the Torus can hold 1 mote of Essence per cubic inch of material they contian. The owner of the Torus can draw the Essence back out of these charged items whenever he wishes simply by touching them. He spends these motes as if they were part of his own peripheral pool. Items charged and drained cannot be charged again.

Level 5

Clay Brick

 Manse: •••••
 Trigger: Constant Effect

This stone is absorbed into the owner’s body as soon as it becomes attuned. When unattuned, the stone is simply a block of green-tan clay about the size of a man’s open palm. Once inside a host body, the clay sets about strengthening and regenerating internal structures. The host heals at Exalted rates if they do not already and if they do, they heal as if their wounds were one level lower then they are. In addition, the target does not age naturally or suffer from any disease but the Great Contagion.


I've often wondered why it was ok to have Abyssal aspected stones in creation, but no Alchemical. They're both non-native to Creation so if one is possible so is the other. I think you've done a great job of rectifying this situation. And I love the Gremlin Stone. - BlackFlame

Thanks. I sorta like the Gremlin Stone, but I really don't like magitech at all...it's just there because I figure it's the sort of thing an Alchemical stone would do. - Telgar