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Start -> 6 Apr 2010

So, hosting usemod is becoming harder and harder. I'm trying out the mediawiki site conversion tools, as it would be much easier to host that way. Comments? Feedback? - Xyphoid


What makes it harder? I use both this wiki and MediaWiki pretty extensively, and I must say that this place seems snappier and cleaner, at least. Plus, there's the advantage of not having to re-write a bunch of the sections to fit the different syntax. At the same time, it's your server and time and money. Is it security updates, or some such? I would've guessed that this place didn't need much work anymore... -- GreenLantern

The server it's currently running on will be retired in the near future, so I have to do some work in either case. I have a couple of choices - one is find another place to run usemod, the other is migrate to something else. Usemod is a perl CGI script writing to disk - this is pretty much unique among the stuff we have, and it doesn't suit our load-balancing and configuration. Mediawiki is php+mysql, which is what our main cluster is designed for. Basically I can keep mediawiki with the rest of my hosted content, but soon I won't have a good place for usemod.

Another option is that if someone else has a good place to host usemod wikis, I can pass it over to them.

I ran a test of the conversion and it appears promising at first glance - http://exalted-new.xi.co.nz/exwiki/index.php/WelcomeToExaltedWiki - note that any changes made to that copy will be lost for now as there were some errors reading pages starting with M. There are some obvious layout errors to work out, I'd be interested to hear about any conversion issues with particular pages that people spot (broken links, broken wiki formatting conversion) -- Xyphoid

I've just checked out my userpage as a first step, and first thing to notice is that any link on my userpage that starts with / is broken. It seems the pages actually exist if I type into the url bar, "http://exalted-new.xi.co.nz/exwiki/index.php/Nikink/TrialByFireNotes" but the mediawiki obviously doesn't recognise the '/' format. I'm surprised the conversion worked so well actually, well done! :) nikink

I also observed this phenomenon. A simple solution is to enter the name of the page you are slash-linking off of in front of the dash, e.g. [[Nikink/TrialByFireNotes]] as opposed to just <nowikiXyphoid/TrialByFireNotes</nowiki>. So it's just another layout problem that might need to be fixed by hand. - Han'ya
I am going to have a shot at modifying the export/import tool to fix these up - it's not really practical to fix all of these by hand. Xyphoid
Making some progress.

[[PagePage/PagePage]] -> [[PagePage/PagePage]] [[Xyphoid/SubPage]] -> [[CURRENTPAGE/SubPage]] [[SubPage]] -> [[SubPage]] Page -> Page [[Page]] -> [[Page]] [[Xyphoid/Subpage]] -> [[CURRENTPAGE/Subpage]] [[Xyphoid/Otherpage]] -> [[CURRENTPAGE/Otherpage]] [[Xyphoid/SubPage]] -> [[CURRENTPAGE/SubPage]] Page/Subpage/Subpage -> Page/Subpage/Subpage [[Xyphoid/Subpage|SomeText]] -> [[CURRENTPAGE/Subpage|SomeText]]

[[Xyphoid/Subpage|Some Text ]] -> [[CURRENTPAGE/Subpage|Some Text ]]

Okay, I'm happy with the last couple - doing one more test import then we'll go for a real transfer. Xyphoid