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Exalted: Nations

Exalted: Nations is a set of rules for running and warring countries - from small villages to empires, using my Exalted Lite rules as a baseline. It's not necessary to read them, though I rearranged the Abilities and such, so if you see odd words it may help to check that section out. - Xeriar

More specifically, it provides rules for powerful Exalted, cities and armies to interact on their own level. To this end, all 'characters' - including cities, armies and the primordials themselves - possess the exact same twelve traits.

Including abstract things. The ultimate goal is to stat up the Pacific Ocean, and see what it would take for a Solar to defeat it or convince it to toss a Tsumani Tokyo's way.

Also note: These rules are built for on-line play. Naturally, rolling 14d19 is difficult. The specific program this is being used with is OpenRPG:

These rules are primarily inspired by Risus (a free RPG), Everway (fairly easy to find), and OrkWorld (not so easy :-( ).