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In one way or another, this is what everyone is fighting for. Or over.

Heroic Mortals

Step One: Choose Name, Concept, and Nature.

Step Two: Assign 180 experience points to yourXerExaltedLite/Attributes - or choose four scores at 3, and two at 2 (3/3/3/3/2/2). Scores begin at 0, but must normally be raised to a minimum of 1. SeeXerExaltedLite/Attributes

Step Three: ChooseXerExaltedLite/Abilities (4/4/3/2/1/1/1/0/0/0), or divide 160 xp between them. Abilities begin at 0.

Step Four: NoteXerExaltedLite/Backgrounds

  • Choose Virtues (3/2/2/2) or assign 45 xp between them.

Step Five:

Apply Experience Points - 30, plus those gained from Training, Knowledge or Experience. SeeXerExaltedLite/Advancement for costs. No Trait may be raised above 5 without Legendary (or 10 for Willpower). Essence may not be raised above 3, and requiresXerExaltedLite/Merits to raise it at all.

  • Young characters begin with less experience. By age:
    • 13: 0 xp
    • 14: 15 xp
    • 16: 30 xp

Xp not allocated when designing a character is not lost, but added to the free experience spendable at the end.

Common Mortals (Minor Characters)

  • ChooseXerExaltedLite/Attributes (3/2/2/2/2/2), or assign 126 xp to attributes, with a minimum of 1. No score may be raised above 4.
  • ChooseXerExaltedLite/Skills - either choosing 4 skills at 4 dots, or assigning 40 xp to them. Commoners do not get Abilities. No score may be raised above 4.
  • Choose Virtues. Either 3/2/2/2 or divide 45 xp. No score may be raised above 4.
  • Health levels are (Essence + Brawn + Sturdy Skill) x 3 (unless Small or Large).
    • Extras merely have 2 health levels.
  • Record permanent Essence (1) and Willpower (2).
  • ApplyXerExaltedLite/Merits andXerExaltedLite/Flaws as appropriate. Some are not applicable to Commoners.
  • Apply Experience Points : 28, plus those gained from the Experience, Knowledge, or Training Backgrounds. SeeXerExaltedLite/Advancement for costs. No Trait may be raised above four (or Willpower above 8). Essence may not be raised.
  • Commoners may not purchase Abilities or Specialties.


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