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  • Ability: Desired Rating x5, Major Characters Only.
  • Attribute: Desired Rating x6
  • Background: Desired Rating in xp (Storyteller approval, always). Does not directly require, or count against, training, but may indirectly.
  • College: Desired Rating x4 (Usually Sidereals Only)
  • Essence: Desired Rating Cubed x 5 (40 for Essence 2, 135 for Essence 3, 320 for Essence 4, 625 for Essence 5, 1,080 for Essence 6, 1,715 for Essence 7, 2,560 for Essence 8, 3,645 for Essence 9, 5,000 for Essence 10)
  • Fetter: Desired Rating x4 (Almost always Ghosts Only)
  • Heart: Desired Rating x50 (Raksha Only)
  • Merit: SeeXerExaltedLite/Merits
  • Ritual: Rating in dots
  • Specialty: 2 xp per, Major Characters Only. Celestial Exalted may not take specialties.
  • Skill: Desired Rating, Minor Characters and Extras Only.
  • Virtue: Desired Rating x3.
  • Willpower: Desired Rating x2.

Arts Charms

  • Celestial Exalted: 6 for any 1st Circle or Terrestrial Art, 12 for any 2nd Circle or Celestial Art.
  • Abyssal: 18 for a Void Circle Necromancy Spell or Sidereal Martial Art Charm
  • Chimera: 18 for a Sidereal Martial Art Charm
  • Lunar: 18 for a Sidereal Martial Art Charm
  • Sidereal: 15 for a Sidereal Martial Art Charm
  • Solar: 18 for a Solar Circle Spell or a Sidereal Martial Art Charm
  • Alchemicals: 12 for a Man-Machine Protocol or Terrestrial Martial Art Charm, 18 for a God-Machine Protocol or Celestial Martial Art Charm
  • Dragon-Blooded: 12 for a Terrestrial Martial Art Charm or Emerald Circle Spell, 18 for a Celestial Martial Art Charm
  • Dragon King: 15 for a Terrestrial Spell or Terrestrial MA Charm
  • Elemental: 15 for a Terrestrial MA Charm or a Terrestrial Spell
  • Ghost: 15 for a Shadowlands Circle Spell or Terrestrial MA Charm
  • Mortal: 18 for a Terrestrial MA Charm
  • Raksha: 18 for a Terrestrial MA Charm
  • Spirit-Blooded: 15 for a 1st-Circle Spell or Terrestrial MA Charm
    • Ghost-Blooded and Abyssal Half-Castes learn Shadowlands Circle Necromancy. Alchemical mutants learn Man-Machine Protocols. All others learn Terrestrial Circle Sorcery.

Arcanoi, Talents, and other Charms

  • Celestial Exalted: 10 for a Talent
    • Abyssal: 10 for a Charm or Doom, 5 if Caste. 5 for an Arcanoi.
    • Chimerae: 12 for Charm or Doom, 6 if Caste.
    • Lunar: 12 for Charm or Excellency, 6 if Caste. 18 for an Anchar, Animus, Arcanos, Implant, Path, or Pattern (usable only when in the proper shape)
    • Sidereal: 12 for a Charm or Excellency, 6 if Auspicious.
    • Solar: 10 for a Charm or Excellency, 5 if Caste. 15 for an Animus or out-of-type Charm.
  • Essence-Weilders: 15 for a Talent.
  • Alchemical: 12 for a Implant Slot, 6 for an Implant, 2 if Caste. Fixed Implants cost 12 xp, 7 if Caste.
    • Alchemicals, but not Alchemical-Blooded, consider all Talents to be fixed Implants, though they require no Essence.
  • Dragon-Blooded: 15 for an Elemental Path outside Element, 10 for a Path in their own Element.
  • Dragon King: 15 for an Elemental Path
  • Elemental: 15 for an Elemental Path outside Element, 10 for a Path in their own Element
  • Ghost: 15 for an Arcanos
  • Mountain Folk: 15 for a Pattern
  • Raksha: 15 for an Anchar
  • Spirit-Blooded: 20 for a Talent
    • Demon-Blooded: 20 for an Animus
    • Dragon-Touched: 20 for an Elemental Path
    • Elemental-Blooded: 20 for an Elemental Path
    • Fair-Blooded: 20 for a Raksha Charm
    • Ghost-Blooded: 20 for an Arcanos
    • God-Blooded: 20 for an Animus
    • Half-Alchemical: 20 for a fixed Implant
    • Half-Caste: 20 for a Doom or Excellency. May not learn normal Celestial Charms
    • Rock-Blooded: 20 for a Mountain Folk Charm

Training Times

  • Varies by Storyteller and the goals of the Story. PCs should be considered to be constantly improving themselves, and these represent time in general, including play time. The following are guidelines.
  • First Circle Demon, Ghost, Raksha: xp cost in Years (Limit: 1 per Year).
  •  : xp cost in Seasons (Limit: 5 per Year).
  • Dragon King, Dragon Touched, Mortals, Mountain Folk, Spirit-Blooded: xp cost in Months (Limit: 15 per Year).
  • Alchemical, Dragon Blooded, Half-Caste: xp cost in Weeks (Limit: 60 per Year - Calibration not a 'week').
  • Celestial Exalted: xp cost in Days (Limit: 425 per Year).

Storytellers may wish to allow a character's past to count towards this where advancement would normally be cripplingly slow. In this case, though, the character's current experience value should count against this limit. A human's first five years always count at the Alchemical-Dragon Blooded rate, however, giving a 300 xp base.

An Elemental's rate of progression depends on its Fragment:

  • Insignificant: The Elemental does not gain experience. It is merely an unintelligent wisp of the greater being it once was. At most, it has 300.
  • Minor: The Elemental may gain and spend one experience point per year.
  • Moderate: The Elemental may gain and spend one experience point per season.
  • Major: The Elemental may gain and spend one experience point per month.
  • Reborn: The Elemental may gain and spend one experience point per week. Only one Reborn of a given Elemental may exist, ever. If formed and not prematurely destroyed, these would, in time or with assistance, become Mindful Forest, Great Garda, Oceku, Urwl, and Wind Master. Alternatively, the Storyteller might allow other Reborn to become Great Dragons.
    • Elementals begin with an initial investature of Experience and 'training time', depending on the nature of their fragment and Essence. See their specific rules for details.

Gods and Greater Demons do not handle experience normally.

Gaining Experience

Characters typically gain 'down time xp' at a rate equal to the level below them - 1 per week for Celestial Exalted, 1 per season for Mortals, and so on. Characters who require one year per xp of training time gain xp at the rate of one per decade.