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Blending into the Underworld

This is an extended Manipulation + Subterfuge (Streetwise) roll, each roll taking an hour. The basic difficulty is set by how thoroughly the local criminal establishments have to hide.

Extra successes are divided between number of contacts and quality.


Bluffing, and general bald-faced lying to get to where you're not supposed to be, is a Wits + Subterfuge (Bluffing) roll against the target's Intelligence + Socialize. The difficulty of this roll is modified by situation.

Bluffing is not for extended interaction of any sort - it is an instant, temporary form of persuasion.

Casing a Target

This is an Intelligence + Subterfuge (Case) roll. Access restrictions may add to the difficulty.

The number of successes made is what defines just how good of a picture the character gets.

Countering Stealth

Many Stealth rolls (save for ambushes) are countered with Intelligence + Subterfuge (Paranoia or 'Awareness'). This is an opposed roll against the sneaky type's Dexterity + Subterfuge (Stealth) roll.

Difficulty may be modified by specific conditions - visibility, amount of cover, and so on.


There are two forms of disguise. Either is an Intelligence + Subterfuge (Disguise) roll.

The easiest form is disguising yourself as just anyone else - and no one in particular. The Appearance Merit adds a Character's Presence to the base difficulty, as do other distinguishing features. Extra successes set the base difficulty for others making a Wits + Subterfuge (Notice) roll to recognize her. This is often made significantly more difficult in certain types of crowds - especially if the Character knows how to blend in.

Disguising as someone else is far more difficult. The roll is the same, but it is also modified by how much the Character looks like the target and how much the Character has studied her. In addition, it's going to be nearly impossible to fool close friends and family.

Picking Locks

Picking locks is a Dexterity + Subterfuge (Pick Locks) roll.

The difficulty of this roll depends on the type of lock (some - in fact, many, may be so poor as to not need picks at all), the specific situation and the quality of tools in use.

Picking Pockets

Picking Pockets is a Dexterity + Subterfuge (Legerdemain) roll.

The difficulty of this roll depends on the alertness of the target, the situation and the item desired.

The target gets to counter with a reflexive Wits + Subterfuge (Awareness) roll, though suitable distractions may add to the difficulty of this roll. If the victim gets 3 or more additional successes than the pickpocketer's extra successes, the thief is caught red handed.


Searching an area is a Wits or Intelligence + Subterfuge (Search) roll. Wits is used for searching at a glance, in the company of others (and thus at far greater difficulty) while Intelligence for when the Character has the time to do so.

The difficulty is modified by what the Character is looking for, how specific, how much time they have and whether or not they want to make the Searching obvious.


Setting up an ambush is a Dexterity + Subterfuge (Ambush) roll, versus the ambushee's Intelligence + War (Anticipation), and covered in theXerExaltedLite/Combat section. Other types of Stealth are noted in 'Countering Stealth' above.

Ambushes are about staying still and laying traps (and finding a good place to do so). Other Stealth rolls tend to require movement, or put the sneaky one in an inconvenient position.


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