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This will be the repository for Wil's as of yet unnamed Exalted game.

From my post on the WW Exalted forums:

Bronze Carp (I may rename him later), a GoldFaction ChosenOfJourneys, was exploring the edge of the Wyld when he fell through a crack in the foundation of Creation into our world.

Through research and perserverance he discovered that if he cast a modified version of SummoningTheHeavenlyPortal at the exact time of the autumnal equinox at an ancient place of ritual power (in this case, the Breakfast Canyon Rock Shelters near Swansea, California in Death Valley). Due to differences between Earth and Creation, the exact time of the equinox will coincide with dawn of the first day of Calibration, and the ritual will summon the Calibration gate.

In the several centuries he's been on Earth, he's done many things to survive, and for the moment he's a history teacher at a local high school under the alias Nikolai Malachi Keykeion. He arranges for a senior class trip to Death Valley, where he plans to sneak away from the group (it helps that the ritual needs to be performed at night).

The PCs are all high school students on the trip. Through curiosity or misfortune they follow him through the gate, and wind up smack dab in the middle of the Carnival of Meeting (Nikolai's calculations were off).

From here the campaign isn't well-planned because it depends on what happens. I know that a) the PCs will Exalt at some point, either in Yu-Shan or in Nexus and b) the moment that the PCs set foot in Creation they are retroactively written into the Tapestry, so they will wind up having entire lives, backgrounds, etc. that they are unaware of.

Possibilities I've come up with are that the PCs Exalt in Yu-Shan just after being confronted by a Celestial Lion for some infraction they unknowingly committed or something else happens or they Exalt in Nexus, where they are dropped when the Carnival ends. It will happen quickly enough in the game that they don't get completely splattered by something bigger and nastier than they. I also know that one of their school mates is going to become an Abyssal and wind up being one of the main antagonists in the game. Nikolai will be their mentor, but I want them to get seperated from him for some time - I haven't decided what his ultimate allegiance is. If the PCs wind up in Nexus, the Wyld Hunt might get sent after them if they leave - not for the purpose of killing them, but to bring them back to Chejop or another higher-up Sidereal who wants to know exactly what the hell happened. It's entirely possible that a decision to destroy the PCs by someone in Heaven will cause Nikolai to go renegade and drag the PCs with him.