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So you're not lost and confused, here are some of the Sample Gifts in the book. These Charmifications are merely suggestions. Since the gifts are entirely customizeable, as the book says, the player and the ST should be the final authority. The Gifts should be applicable to each specific Beastman Form. Deadly Beastman Enhancements are Strength Dexterity and Stamina, Majestic = Charisma Manipulation and Appearance and Wise = Perception Intelligence and Wits. They are not interchangeable.
I suppose I did not make this clear enough. THESE ARE NOT "FREEBIE" PURCHASEABLE GIFTS LIKE OLD DBT. THESE ARE CHARMS. THEY COST CHARM SLOTS. THEY COST XP. yes, some of them have duplicates in the charmset. Please for the love of god use them if you'd prefer. Realize that "Gift" Charms are often permanent and like most charms can only be taken once.
Remember kids, Your Mileage May Vary

Horrifying Might
Cost: None
Type: Special
Minimum Strength: 3
Minimum Essence: 2
Prerequisite: Brute Force Method or Crouching Tiger Exercise

While in Beastman form, the Lunar's strength is increased by 2. The storyteller may opt to have this increase the visibilty of the Tell or some other out-of-Beastman form effect, such as exaggeratedly large muscles, etc.

Bestial Reflexes
Type: Special
Minimum Dexterity: 3
Minimum Essence: 2
Prerequisite: Moonsilver Monkey Exercise

While in beastman form, the Lunar adds +3 to her intiative. This charm may only be taken once.

Lightning Speed
Cost: 1 mote
Duration: One Turn
Type: Reflexive
Minimum Dexterity: 2
Minimum Essence: 1
Prerequisite: Moonsilver Monkey Exercise

Treat this like the Solar Charm "lightning speed" found on page 193-94 of Exalted.

Spider-Foot Climbing and Glue Foot Climbing
Treat these gifts as one charm similar to "Cloud Foot Style" found in Castebook: Night on page 73.

Gift of Hands and Arm Array should be considered Permanent Charms, useable in any of the Beastman Transformations (the only exception to the rule listed above). Consider Dexterity 2, Charisma 2 or Wits 2 to be a plausible requisite.

Terrible Beast Claws and Savage Moonsilver Talons should be treated as a single permanent charm (using the better statistics provided by Savage Moonsilver Talons), as an enhancement to the bite and claw attacks provided by Deadly Beastman Transformation. The claws are still treated as moonsilver, but the Lunar must find another way to harm dematerialized spirits. The storyteller may opt to have this increase the visibilty of the Tell or some other out-of-Beastman form effect, such as exaggeratedly long nails, etc.

Resilience of Nature
Cost: 5 motes, 1 willpower
Duration: Hours in Essence
Type: Simple
Minimum Stamina: 4
Minimum Essence: 2
Prerequisite: TBA (that's "To Be Added"...)

As written, but it IS a charm and can be used in any form. This healing lasts a number of hours equal to the Lunar's Essence. She does not need to rest while the healing takes place.


Okay, after a bit of searching, I believe that this is actually part of DualMegami's Lunar revisions. None of the subpages there are properly formatted, so there ya go.

Regardless... bad idea. Just... just a bad idea. By doing this, you are actually going to wind up grossly overpowering the Beastman form in some ways while weakening it in others - there's no longer an Essence limit on how many of the permanent Beastman gifts you can have, which seriously overpowers those ones, while the others are greatly weakened by fairly hefty costs.
Particular notes:
Lightning Speed: Panther Stride Stance doubles your movement for the scene, at only 4 motes. Why wouldn't a Lunar just go for that?
Resilience of Nature: Who would ever buy that, with Halting the Scarlet Flow being an option?
Why do Horryfing Might and Deadly Beastman Claws 'maybe' increase the Tell in a non-defined manner?

If you think DBT is too powerful, reduce the power of the Gifts. If you don't like it at all, remove it. I think you may have missed the point of it, though, which was specifically to allow a different sort of way of using Charms for Lunars. - FrivYeti

You bring up some good points. I originally had nixed the Beastman Gifts entirely. There ARE charms for these sort of things, but one of my players complained a lot about "not having gifts" (to which I pointed out that there are CHARMS for these things. Now at a reduced XP cost. He still wouldn't listen) So I spent too much of my afternoon trying to come up with a good fix.
Despite all this..these are CHARMS. they cost XP. they're not freebies you get with whatever BT. Like most charms, they can only be taken once. I guess I didn't make that very clear.
Honestly I think Lunars should be no different than any other Celestial Exalt. They shouldn't get away with "gifts" that give the effect of a charm another Exalt is going to have to commit motes for.
My point is, which I guess I failed to express, that the source of ANY Exalt's power is his or her CHARMS. Not some crazy Exalted-crinos form. ~DualMegami
Sorry, I am aware that these are Charms. However... Charms don't take up 'slots' unless you're an Alchemical, that's what I mean. There aren't really any good guidelines here for why some are scene-length and some are permanent, and some of the permanent ones are too powerful for stacking with each other, as opposed to in an 'original' DBT, in which they were limited by Essence rating. (Terrible Moonsilver Claws + Arm-Array + Horrifying Might at Essence 2? For less experience than Lunars used to spend for the combination at Essence 4? Eep!) I'm not a big fan of Lunar Charms being effectively identical to Solar Charms, either. And, as mentioned above, you seem to have a grudge against healing, which is the only reason I can imagine that Resiliency of Nature is so badly nerfed.
Could you explain why '+2 Strength' and 'super-weapon claws' deserves permanency, but 'being fast' or 'climbing well' doesn't? - FrivYeti
Let me point some things out for you. 1)this is a work in progress. I'm not hardly done with THIS bit yet. Yeah sure, it's under my "completed" section. whatever. 2)the reason each of the "gifts" cause Tell-increase is due to their general usefulness as a perma-charm, which partially offsets 3) The imbalance, which really isn't all that bad given the fact that they're still paying the cost for the charms. While it allows it at lower essence, it's not giving high essence effects; its all mundane stuff. High Essence Gift-Charms could certainly be developed, and would replace their lesser versions.
the only reason "+2Strength" and "super weapon Claws" are permanent is because I haven't finished working on balance with these yet.
Oh, and when I said "Charm Slots" I referred the spots on the paper AND number of Charms one can have at chargen, thanks. ~DualMegami
And i'm not sure what you mean by "so badly nerfed" I kept the functioning the same! The only difference is the duratoin and it costs *gasp* motes! The Lunar doesn't even have to rest while using AND can use it outside of beastman form. Read things more carefully next time. ~DualMegami
Okay, two points. I accept this being a work in progress, but it doesn't say that anywhere, and you didn't mention it in your earlier reply. Consider my replies to be for the purposes of your continuing work.
Regarding Resiliency of Nature... If you don't know what I meant about it, you are guilty of exactly what you keep accusing me of (baselessly) - NOT READING CAREFULLY. Resiliency of Nature costs 5 motes and 1 Willpower, and lets you heal 1 lethal per hour for (Essence) hours. Halting the Scarlet Flow + Bruise-Relief Method costs 3 motes per lethal level, and converts automatically and instantly (and can be comboed freely). In short, Resiliency of Nature is brutally overcosted and fairly pointless compared to current Lunar healing Charms, which is what I said to begin with. - FrivYeti
"yes, some of them have duplicates in the charmset. Please for the love of god use them if you'd prefer." =D DualMegami.