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Level One Water Hearthstones

Dripping Stone

by Resplendence

Manse:Trigger: Concentration

This drop-shaped, smooth Hearthstone seems to be filled with clear, sparkling water. It’s always wet to the touch. Concentrating upon it, the bearer can make it produce clear, cool water. It takes a few turns to produce enough to sate a full-grown man’s thirst.

Gem of Crystalclear Spruceness

Manse: •
Trigger: Getting dirty

Light blue and crystalline in color, this Octaeder feels soft on touch, but is a little slippery, too. However, it has a aura of purity, which makes one feel comfortable around it.

People, who wears the Gem of Crystalclear Spruceness simply can't get dirty in any way. If they fall in a puddle of mud, the dirt simply doesn't find any grip on the person carrying the gem around. Even sweat has no effect on the person; she is always perfectly clean. The gem's power also affects clothes or armor, but nothing else, that is not worn directly on the body.

Gem of Injury Sense

Book of Three Circles, p. 111

Gem of the Noble Brook

Caste Book: Zenith, p.79

Gem of Visitations

Aspect Book: Air, p. 74

The Labyrinthine Eye

Book of Three Circles, p. 112, or Savant & Sorcerer, p. 67

Lullaby Stone

Book of Three Circles, p. 112

Stone of Still Waters