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Torawashi's Collection of Oddities

Howdy, I'm Torawashi. I joined the wiki thanks to the insanity of Topher's Boy Band Campaign, and I thought I'd post a few of my own creations here. At the moment I only have placeholders, but there will be actual content soon.


Exalted: The Boy Bands -- My current tabletop game, run by Topher.


Sorrows Veiled in Hymns of Joy -- An Midnight Caste Abyssal in the service of the Silver Prince.

Chira Never-Sleeps -- Night Caste Solar, Haltan Scout.

Abbas Khameel -- Dawn Caste Solar, Desert Warrior.

Joshi -- An earlier and much different version of the character I'm playing in the boy band's game, an Eclipse street musician.


Shroud of Sweet Release -- Sorrows' weapon and badge of office.

Days' Harmony -- A very special guitar.