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My various Exalted characters:


Important Note

This game does not run anymore, unfortunately.

OOC notes

This Wiki page shall be used as a journal of sorts for a character I play in a multi-crossover Exalted game on Tuesday nights. The game is set in Nexus. The cast, as follows:

  • Amrita, a Fae-Blooded wineseller.
  • Marine, a God-Blooded explorer.
  • Gale of Delight, a Solar Eclipse-caste bard.
  • Richter, a mortal thaumaturge tinkerer.
  • Magus, a Changing Moon Lunar blackmith.
  • Sesus Alok, a thaumaturge and sorcerer.
  • Tirrik the Wise, a Panjandrum (formerly Scribe) noble raksha, dwelling in Creation.

I shall describe the events of each session from Tirrik's point of view.

Brief overview

Amrita, Trygve, Vorros, Magus, Gauntlet, and Tirrik are all survivors of a Wyld Hunt led by Tepet Janus, a Dynast warrior of some tenacity (and insanity). Their small town of Nales was burnt to the ground, and only by the grace of a strange sea-captain with whom Gauntlet had ties did they escape that burning pit of death. At the time, there was an Abyssal with them, Dayis Dawnreaver (original character of Raxas' player). The group disembarked at Nexus and began setting themselves up, quickly gaining the favor of the Guild through various intrigues.

Dayis was called back by the Mask of Winters to perform a task. Amrita became quite successful in her field (she makes 'special' wines distilled from ravished Virtues) while Trygve took Nexus by storm with her dancing. Vorros began to make the underworld of Nexus dance to his tune while Magus made it big as a master craftsman. Gauntlet trained to grow ever stronger and Tirrik became a tutor for two Solar Exalted, earning a very powerful patron in the process.

Raxas came to Nexus and contracted himself as Tirrik's bodyguard and retainer. At the time (in fact, not long after the group arrived in Nexus), the Wyld Hunt had put a bounty on the original group's heads. Gauntlet, silly mortal as he is, turned himself in, bringing down the wrath of the Wyld Hunt on the city. Tirrik, knowing there will be bloody battle, called upon the power of a local god, the Stormfather, who invested his power in the Scribe for the life of his 'son.' The Wyld Hunt gathered, bringing full thunder and fury, but between Magus, Raxas, and Tirrik (who, for all intents and purposes, was destruction incarnate thanks to the Stormfather's aid), they managed to bring the Realm's forces to rout, saving the city.

A large portion of Nexus is now ruined, and the city is rebuilding.

Tirrik's journal

The Battle for Nexus

Before the Great Stormfather I gave a mighty oath, to enlist his aid in return for a son. The Stormfather is mighty indeed, as are his passions and lusts. The great god then invested himself in me, riding my spirit.

The Stormfather's presence made meeting with the Council of Entities difficult. I gained an invitation to the meeting through my patron, who sits on the Council. There, though I had to exercise my will to keep control, I told them my plan - that I would give myself to the Wyld Hunt, and risk my life for the city and my companions from Nales.

The Hierarch, a figure of some authority in the Guild, descended from on high to deliver his opinion on the matter - that those who disrupt trade should be punished. It made me angry, to be thought of in such terms.

Leaving the meeting, my guardian Raxas and myself went to the gates to prepare. To the army at large I revealed my form, spreading wide my wings. Raxas offered his fealty, taking the form of a wicked demon. We both took to the air, and with a wave of my hand, I banished the illusion cast over the field, revealing a larger force than was expected. Many fell weapons - Essence-cannons - and troops had been brought to bear. I called out Tepet Janus, flush with battle-readiness I have never before felt, and led him a merry goose-chase back to the Demesne I have claimed.

In my place of power, where I can shape the world, and with Amrita and Trygve aiding using the Graces I forged for them, here was Tepet Janus broken. Here, we showed the Dragon-Blooded what he had done. Amrita and Trygve ravished him, tearing at his Valor, while I laid the burden upon him to rebuild Nales. He could not stand to see what he had become, and slew himself.

Returning to the field, giving myself wholly to the Stormfather, I wreaked havoc and destruction on the Wyld Hunt. Never before (and, hopefully, never again) have I so reveled in bloodshed. My Sword was bloody, my mien a frightful thing. I drove them from the field and the armies of Nexus held the gates, despite the ravages of the Essence cannons.

After the battle, I returned once again to my Demesne, wresting control of my body from the Stormfather in a mighty struggle. In appeasement, though, I fulfilled my oath, giving him the 'son' he wanted - in the form of a Shape-Forged Servant. Collapsing, I slept as I never had before.


One night later, as I sat in my study, writing new lesson plans for my disciples, I was surprised by Vorros. My experiences with him have been mixed; once he learned of my nature (curse that...thing that held Vorros bound!) he began to wear cold iron, as if I were a threat to him. Later, he discarded it and gave me his name by way of apology. Now, he came again, once more armed with iron. He explained that he had been contracted to slay me, and when he told me who, my fear turned to utmost anger.

The Guild.

The Guild wanted my death. I know not why; I risked my life for them and their city, and had done nothing to earn their ire. I suspect there are those who disliked having one of the Fair among them. Vorros, torn, did not wish to slay me, but feared what the Guild would do if he did not. After binding me to an oath to never reveal his hand, he offered his aid. I decided then that if Tirrik the Wise must die to appease the Guild, then so be it. I wrote letters to Amrita and Trygve and to my patron in the Guild; I then forged a Heart Grace, and made the creature take my form exactly. Vorros slew this false mirror, and I passed through Nirakara, aligning myself to the earth, taking a new name and personality.

'Fjallarr' and the Walls of Nexus

In his last act as my patron, the Guild factor who had heretofore been my sponsor summoned me before him, and arranged for a position working for a man named Jenkins, who was in charge of rebuilding Nexus' walls. I quickly made a name for myself as a stonemason, even earning a new ally in the process - a northerner named Gorran, who is very skilled at the craft.

I have spent the last few days working on the wall, Gorran and I becoming known for our skill. I make the earth bend to Gorran's will - I have decided he will be a valuable ally in the future. As usual, Trygve stuns us all with her performances in the evenings.

One night, I encountered two Guild's-men who tried to hide themselves from view. I suspect they were up to no good, but they left well enough alone.

That same night, someone broke into the safe-house in which the workers stay, but took nothing, rifling through all our things. Strange indeed. I brought the matter up with Master Jenkins, who has grown concerned...

The Grand Performance

The walls of Nexus are finished. Gorran and I are paid for our work, and I will now continue in earnest my search for my killer. I spent some time in Nighthammer, attempting to get information on the one who ordered Tirrik's death. I got a very sour taste of Nexus' seedy underbelly. Of course, all roads wind up leading to Vorros, and so I summon him - only to find that he is at the Gauntlet, wounded from a battle with a demon.

Trygve gives her final performance, which, as usual is absolutely stunning. She says her final goodbyes; she is following her heart and love to lands unknown. Two gifts she gives, a silver swan bracelet and a charm from her hair.

I come to find from Vorros that those who use magic are to be purged from Nexus. Rather than stay where I am not wanted, I decide to prepare to move myself. After presenting a parting gift to Gorran, I decide to spend the remainder of my time in Nexus exacting my revenge.

'Ragara Veran' and the Overworked Secretary

I pass through Nirakara once more, reshaping myself within the laws and bounds of Creation, taking the shape of a Dynast merchant by name of Ragara Veran. With a tip from Vorros, I discover the messenger who gave him the contract. Through guile and chicanery I lead him to my Demesne, where I show him exactly what he wants to see...and spring my trap. My Guardian holds him fast, and he tells me what I want to know. As it turns out, the Directorate called for Tirrik's death. I send the poor bureaucrat home with some broken ribs.

I pass through Nirakara a third time; Fjallarr has served his purpose. I become a Dynast by name of Ragara Veran, a merchant whose claim to fame is being a top-rate graduate of the Spiral Academy. After a bit of politicking with the poor secretary, I discover that the Hierarch is the man who gave the order for Tirrik's death, and through a bit more politicking, I manage to secure a meeting.

Here, I extract my revenge. I strip him of his self-control, his Temperance, leaving him a slave to desire. I convince him that he needs a vacation, and that he should promote his underpaid, overworked secretary to serve in his stead in his absence. He packs his things as I speak with him and is on his way. Soon after, I send a message to Tepet House, alerting them that the Hierarch would be soon visiting the Isle. Revenge is sweet.

Having done I can in this form, I take a fourth form, that of a manservant and bodyguard to Amrita. After banishing my retainers and my Guardian to Elsewhere, I am ready to set sail on the boat which Amrita has procured for us. We're off, though I know not where.

'Hakkal,' the Dune People, and the City of Gem

It would seem that our destination is the southern city of Gem. Our ship deposited us at the Lap, and from there, a Guild's-man by name of Phineas (as I recall) arranged for our passage with a Guild caravan through the treacherous deserts of the South.

Marine, an explorer whose hair seems always wet, joined our caravan, intent on visiting the famed city of Gem with us. Richter, the tinkerer who joined us on the boat ride, continued to awe us with his creations, crafting a set of turtle-golems from the sand. Near the middle of our journey, our caravan was ambushed by warriors of the Dune People, led by a shaman intent on extracting vengeance. Apparently, some of the men under the mercenary captain hired to ward us from such dangers neglected to tell us - that is, until I asked him - that his men had raided a place holy to the Dune People. With careful diplomacy and a bit of gossamer-craft, I managed to convince the shaman to spare our lives. Richter, wondrous and uncanny as he is, gifted the Dune People with one of his turtles. In return, they gave him one of their riding-scorpions, mechanical beasts of burden from the First Age.

Beyond that, we reached, finally, the underground city of Gem, built beneath an inactive volcano. The city is not like Nexus at all; though it has a strong, thriving market, the city does not seem to exist for the sole purpose of trade. Of course, the gem trade is strong in Gem, but it is the only trade that is truly regulated. The ruler of the city, called the Despot, is a man of quick temper and little tolerance.

It was not long before Amrita set up shop. It seems that Richter will be working alongside us; his craft will bring Amrita's shop much fame and renown. I've established a rapport with the miners, and learned of a rather nasty plot involving Gem's rival, the city of Paragon. I will do what I can to unravel it from within; I dream of one day being Tirrik the Wise again, and I think I have found a place where I might do so safely. Internecine struggles and trade wars would make the spread of wisdom difficult.

Continued Adventures in Gem

Richter found a very dense grade of obsidian, and asked my group of miners to help him get it. We did so, and in the deep caverns in the mountain, we found more than just obsidian. Apparently, there is a small colony of commoners that got trapped there. With a bit of subterfuge, I managed to lead them away (and in the process, found another place of power near Gem where I may shape). Reaching the Wyld just south of the mountains, I called forth my Guardian as well as the remainder of my servants (the commoners now properly treat me as their Lord) and my Library. I set my servants to the task of building a stronghold there where I may retire, should I grow weary of the lands of shape.

Upon returning to Amrita and Creation, I set to work again, and Richter had for us another task - to find parts for the wondrous and princely gift that the Dune People gave him. The creature apparently has the capability to locate materials necessary for its repair - and, as it turns out, it needs the Sun's metal. We found a pool of it not far out from the mountain, though it appears that this pool is sacred to the Dune People. With a bit more negotiation and an oath from Richter, we managed to secure the use of this pool for the sole purpose of repairing Richter's machine.

It also seems that the Despot is dead. Quite unfortunate, really. It almost makes my efforts to root out the traitors in his midst futile...


Wow, a Lunar Exalt a Raksha among a bunch of bloodeds! Sounds like power levels aren't too big a consideration. --UncleChu

Our GM is easygoing and the players are understanding. The game actually started because I expressed a strong desire to play a raksha. The other players chose their concepts afterwards. It's all good fun, though. --TirrikTheWise

*nod* I had originally made Amrita as a fae as well, but the GM asked that I tone her down a bit in interest of the power balance. The character has been a joy to play regardless; Tuesdays have become one of the high points of the week because of it. --Caelene