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The Time of the Celestials

by Schrodinger and ShadesOfMovingWaters


The Scarlet Empress's disappearance, the Celestial Bureaucracy's degeneration, the Yozi's renewed efforts to break out of Malfeas, the recent rebuilding of Raksha forces... All the factors were present. Isenberg, a near-4000 years old Chosen of Journeys, had found the Scripture of Miroku, describing how, when the Five Elemental Dragons would pass from this world, Gaia would curl and fold into herself, overtaken by the sadness of her children's timely demise. Those who would come to console the Primordial would earn the right to shape Creation according to their desires.

This is the story of those who would attain such a goal; the story of their beginning, the story of their adventure, of its end, and more importantly, of what would unfold after its completion...


  • Javane, Eagle of the Seas: A feminist pirate from the west
  • The Feather: A courtesan and spy on the Blessed Isle
  • Schrodinger: A spymaster that will become a Chosen of Secrets
  • Noemi: A kid trying to find some knowledge far from home.
  • Shades of Moving Waters : A merchant, a diplomat and a kingmaker all in the same body
  • Kaya : A wandering swordmaster
  • U'lorach: A tough prince on a quest to find why the wind stopped
  • Vaïka : Kaya's reincarnation and a crazy young woman
  • Isenberg : The Sidereal that started it all
  • Pascal : A privateer working for the Realm
  • Hyunkel : One of Mask of Winters' puppet

In the Second Age

The story itself will be told... When I have the time.

Sources of Inspiration

The first part of the game was mainly inspired by Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne. In SMT:N, the Scriptures of Miroku is an ancient document that teach how to destroy the world. When the world is destroyed, only Tokyo remains and the city curls up in the shape of a sphere that is called the Vortex World. The Vortex World is lifeless, except for demons and the spirits of those unfortunate enough to be trapped in this world because they are the prey of the demons. On the center of the world, there is a bright object that is called Kagutsuchi. It is the seed of the next world. One has to open the way to the Kagutsuchi and proove himself to him, and then, the Kagutsuchi will create his vision of the perfect world.

In the Time of the Celestials, the Scriptures of Miroku is a text written by a infernalist cult that planned to create a world for the demons, but their plans where foiled by a circle of Sidereal Exalted and the Scriptures ended in the hands of Isenberg. Also, instead of a city, it is the whole Creation that curls up in a sphere. All humans where killed by the blast of Gaia's sadness. Only animals and some Exalted survived. The thing at the center of Creation was Gaia's counciusness surrounded by the remains of her dead dragons. The one who could wake her from her sadness could told her how to make the next Creation so that will not happen again.

The endless torrent of tears that came from Gaia was like the endless rain in SMT: Digital Devil Saga.

For the second part of the game, I think that I will draw inspiration from the Suikoden serie. The first thing I did is like Suikoden 3 where you play the bad guys and the good guys at the same time. They will see the two sides of the war at the same time.

For the inspiration behind each character, see their respective subpage.


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