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About Schrodinger

Schrodinger, the player

I am making a Wiki about the game I am playing in. The Time of the Celestials is the scenario and setting, and we've been using Exalted 1st Edition up to now. It is (unfortunately) highly probable that we will be using Exalted 2nd Edition as soon as we've obtained sufficient documentation about it.

Schrodinger, the Sidereal

The Time of the Celestials

Schrodinger started off as a heroic mortal in charge of a Twilight caste Solar apprentice. Backstory and description available here.

Princes of the Universe

Schrodinger starred in this campaign, first as an unimportant secondary character, then as an influential character. Since Princes of the Universe is situated in a universe parallel to the Time of the Celestials's, he is slightly different.

Description and Character Sheet to be available


Nice username. Damn fine name for a Sidereal, in fact.
~ Shataina

Thanks! I thought so too, and it just started off as a joke... Though he wasn't even a Sidereal to begin with!