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The Treasure Trove is a Soulsteel Chest measuring about 3'x5'x'2.5', and requires 3 motes of attunement.
However, its dimensions matter little, for no matter what the size of the object placed in the chest; it will fit. (Living things are not provided with air, so placing people or familiars in the Chest is not a good idea.)
In addition, if anyone but the user tries to get into the Chest, they are dealt 2 automatic Lethal Health Levels of damage. This cannot be blocked, dodged or soaked. Lock Opening Touch will open it, but the thief will still take 2 HLs of damage.

Can this be reduced by things like Starmetal armor (which reduces damage successes) or the Twilight caste ability? I'd say yes, simply becuase automatic unsoakable damage isn't really in the genre unless that's a hugely powerful artifact. At the same time, automatic damage successes /are/ in the Genre, and allow super-heroic lockpicking types to open it as expected. - GregLink
I'll rule that yes, magical things like Starmetal armor and the Twilight Caste anima effect work. This is artifact ** not artifact *****. ~DualMegami