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Direct boosts to DV might count as a success bonus rather than a dice bonus. - IanPrice

Well, yes, each Success = 2 dice towards the dice bonus. I don't think the MAEF boost is being added in to the DV Calculation - I think it's being activated to activate the Anima and count towards IMAM for future ticks. But I don't know for sure. :) nikink

Actually, that rule is specific to 2nd excellencies. Success bonuses from other charms were not included in that ruling (which appears in the text of the second excellency) in the core book, and the Alchemicals book specifically and explicitly notes that only 2nd excellencies/augmentations are under that limitation. - IanPrice
It says on that same page as the majority of the 2nd Ex text that the maximum number of successes that can be added to a DV from any combination of charms is (Att+Ability)/2. nikink

Both are true. I'll explain in the discussion. -Sabis