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New player who got introduced to Exalted by FrivYeti and TheHoverpope and I'm really enjoying things so far. Currently engaging in 2 games run by the two above members and its very convenient to have an online resource like this. Hopefully eventually start putting up content and the like.


[[[Taerinshar/Colbey]] Veran]] : Secretive DB genesis engineer with an odd past and strange connections

[[[Taerinshar/Sura]] Nigaq]] : A handsome zenith who happens to be rather good with a bow. Fortunately his abilities won't go to his head because not much is up there...

[[[Taerinshar/Willem]] Grex]] : Recently exalted Sidereal who has issues with the current bureau and is oddly close to Luna's chosen.

[[[Taerinshar/Saren]] Edgewalker]]: Alternative to Willem

[[[Taerinshar/Saren]] Edgewalker 2]]: Sorcerer Alternative


Taerinshar/Bramble : 4 dot quarterstaff which can produce some very nasty poisons. First artifact I've created, could use some feedback on its power level etc.

[[[Taerinshar/Centre]] Cannot Hold]]: Artifact chakrams which embody the tranquility of an eastern grove.


Hey, welcome to the wiki! Our power grows.... ;) - FrivYeti