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Welcome to the Domain of the Sunjumper, bitter nemesis of Bobthepariah and crazy loon.

And also king of typos.

My Province

The horribly named province Wyldbane was made to gently guide players that started out as Heroic Mortals into the Age of Sorrows before granting them the Solar exaltation. My players are forbidden to even look at most books and start quite oblivious of their fate and the finer points of the world around them, so they have to start in a place where they can learn the most basic things (including combat) without getting themselves killed or being unnecessarily overwhelmed.


Artefacts from the First Age

After having read one artefact weapon to many I decided to make a write up from the magical items perspective. The following entry is the story of a grand daiklave from the first age, describing its maker and its legend. Interested? Then listen to the TheSwordsSong. I should add that the daiklave is unable to speak, I chose this perspective because I thought it would be a nice change of pace, for this kind of descriptions.


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