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Update: Check them out. Now filed under Martial Arts and under development. Silent Crane is cracking along.


  • Silent Crane Style ( MartialArts/SilentCrane ) - Noncombat Form designed with study, enlightenment and focus in mind.
  • Pyre Hawk Style ( MartialArts/PyreHawk ) - An Abyssal Form, focussing on agility and striking with full force and surprise.
  • Smoke Raiton Style ( MartialArts/SmokeRaiton ) - Throwing knives, ambush and enhanced perception, a Celestial Style.
  • Ephemeral Kiss of the Stellar Wind Style ( MartialArts/StellarWind ) - An ultra-defensive Sidereal secret Martial Art.
  • Panopoly Of The Wyld Cascade ( MartialArts/PanoplyOfTheWyld ) - A Celestial style - a collection of diverse animal Forms.

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Could you put these under the MartialArts domain (ala MartialArts/SilentCraneStyle, etc), and link them as such? There's no need for them to be top-level entries, and they'll be all-but-buried anyways, unless they're at least linked from MartialArts, as it's unlikely anyone would look through the multitude of questionable UserPages for mechanical additions. ~Jabberwocky

Done and done. - SteelAngel