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Withering Feathered Maelstrom (8 Motes, 1 Willpower)
If the shooters first attack hits, they may make another at full pool, until ammunition is exhausted or until they have done damage a number of times equal to their Archery (5).
Splinter Of The Void (2 Motes per 2L)
Creates an arrow of oblivion that does a base damage of 2L per mote spent though no more motes can be spent than the shooters Archery score, aggravated damage to Wyld creatures. All those killed by these arrows disintegrate, leaving no ghosts. The arrow suffers no penalties for range or wind and have a range of Essencex100 yards.
Oblivion Bolt Hammer was developed by Dusk-caste archers wishing to guarantee the removal of key figures in an opposing army. The archer need not fear running out of ammunition, only motes of Essence.

Example: Doom's Far-Reaching Fist (Archery 5, Dexterity 4) faces down the Wyld Hunt, ten legionaires led by a single Fire-aspect Immaculate - clearly their leader. He draws his composite bow and levels it, narrowing his eyes and taking aim, activating the charm at the cost of 1 willpower. When the shot is taken he spends another 1 willpower, 8 motes for Withering Feathered Maelstrom, and 10 motes for Splinter Of The Void. The first shot is taken, at 9 dice to hit; 4 successes, plus the base damage is 14L. If the attack damages the Immaculate - which it is almost certain to - Doom's Far-Reaching Fist immediately spends 10 more motes for another Splinter Of The Void to fire, and fires again. The battle will be over soon.



Ravaging Strike (1 Mote)
The character's extra successes to hit are counted twice for the purposes of damage.
Scouring Erosion Method (1 Mote/reduction)
The abyssal may reduce the target's soak to a minimum of the target's permanent Essence.
Bone-Shattering Blow (3 Motes)
The attack causes lethal damage, and all wound penalties are doubled; futher use increases wound penalties by one.
Falling Scythe Attack (3 Motes, 1 Willpower)
The damage is doubled after it is rolled.
This attack is commonly used to smash an opponent at close range; the Abyssal leaps into the air, essence forming a silent casing of raw power about his fist as he descends and rams the fist into the opponent's head. The attack reduces the opponent's soak, doubles the amount of successes to hit for the purposes of damage, inflicts lethal damage, doubles the damage after it is rolled and doubles the resultant wound penalties.

Example: Fist Of The Dead (Brawl 5, Dexterity 4, Strength 4) faces up to the Lunar shapeshifter, resplendant in his moonsilver armour (12L soak, Essence 3). He activates the combo for 1 Willpower, and leaps up into the air, all noise suddenly vanishing as he drops. Spending 7 motes and 1 Willpower, plus a further nine motes to reduce the soak to 3; he rolls 4 successes to hit, doubled to 8, giving him (12-3=) 9 damage dice. He gets five successes, doubled to ten; if the Lunar survives, he will be in a world of pain, given that the bones in his shoulders and face were just broken.



Ebon Lightning Prana (4 Motes)
The character may attack over and above the usual initiative order with a sheathed weapon.
Furious Blade (1 MoteSteelAngel/Die Increase)
Dice may be added to an attack at 1 mote per 1 die, up to double the user's Dex+Melee.
Savage Shade Style (1 Mote)
Successes to hit are doubled for the purposes of damage.
Slashing Ghost Talon (1 mote)
Every health level of damage inflicted absorbs 1 mote of Essence from the target to the user.
Flickering Image Strike (5 Motes, 1 Willpower)
The user makes a full sprint move past the target; damage is doubled after being rolled.
Used to hit a target that isn't expecting to have to defend itself, often with a Void Sheathed weapon or a sheathed weapon with slow Speed. The user spends 2 willpower and 11 motes and moves past the target, spending extra motes to increase the number of attack dice; successes to hit are doubled for damage. The damage is then doubled again after it is rolled, and every health level inflicted replenishes the motes of essence spent on the Combo. With Soulsteel, it is entirely possible that the entire combo can be repaid in motes by the Essence absorbed.

Example: Dirge of Fallen Petals (Melee 5, Desterity 4, Strength 4, Soulsteel Daiklave, Essence 3) eyes the Solar sorceror in front of him who is assuming he is unarmed and casting a spell (Soak 8L). Charging past and drawing his Daiklave from the Void Sheath, he spends 11 motes and 2 willpower, plus a further 9 motes to bolster his attack pool to (9+9+accuracy 3 =)21 dice. He hits with 12 sux, which gives a raw damage of (24+5-8=) 21. Rolling 10 successes - which doubles to 20 - he butchers the Solar, absorbing as many motes as the Solar has health levels +3.

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I like your stuff, its cool, but you might want to check the splinter of the void charm... the text and the example conflict on charm cost... Is it 2m per 2L, or 1m per 2L (as the text suggests) -- Darloth