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On this site I hope to add my own home rules, links to other people's stuff that I like and add a few things of my own as well. Hope everyone enjoys and helps me build my ideas. Thanks!

In real life I live near Racine WI and work for a flatbed Die cut machine company, which among other more noble tasks makes the cardboard cut outs of celebrities you often see around. My expertise is shipping and inventory so if anyone needs help in such an area let me know.

I am the same StarJaunter on the White Wolf Forum so if you search you can find some of my previous work until I get more posted.

See you later everybody

House Rules

Socializing with Animals

Cinematic Wound System

Social Influence System

Celestial Hero Styles Here is my Redo of Solar and Lunar Hero

New Ideas and Concepts

Here will go completely different concepts I thought of, some will be modified versions of other's work. If so I hope I mention it, if not I probably just came up with it and don't know its similar to someone else, let me know I will mention the similarity though.

NWOD Exalted

Levels of Action

Shinobi in Exalted

Pre Circle Demons Otherwise known as Imps

Chipmunk Princess Style

Exalted Rewrite


Here will go my favourite pages of others work that am either using unmodified, haven't changed yet, or just really like to read frequently

Wordman/BeyondAlchemy Awesome Concept I hope gets expanded on more
GoldenCat/Legends Crucial to an anime like game
SilverMasks Very cool, has several ideas for "custom" Lunar Charms
FrivYeti/Virtues I like the choices here
FrivYeti/BackingRules Just because I like have rules backing me up
FrivYeti/Familiars Cause more powerful familiars are more awesome
Hapushet/Lunars2E Still cool, even after the book came out
Hapushet/Resources Included for same reason as FrivYeti's Backing one
FairFolkShapingCombatPrimer Helped break me into Shaping Combat

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