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StalkerofShadows second attempt at play by post gaming.

The Orichalum Legion is a starting 150xp Solars game based around the Lookshy area. A thorough background will be written once the players have transitioned their backstories into one continuous theme.

It has been several weeks since the heroes of the Star of Morninghelped the Lookshy field forces defeat the combined armies of the Mask of Winters and Walker in Darkness. The two deathlords had thought their victory all but assured. They had cut off the Lookshy forces from their bases, the hordes of undead grew by the minute, and a powerful Solar manse was nearly in their grasp. Suddenly, alone and unexpected, a golden skyship appeared in the skies. Arcs of essence from its cannons and mighty spells flung from its decks decimated the undead ranks. The ship hovers close to the ground, and a man clad in golden plate and another made of living metal jump to the ground and begin cutting a swath through the undead hordes, heading for the manse. Behind the undead lines, several deathknights fall silently forever dead, leaving their troops in disarray. The very elementals and spirits of the land rebel and add to the carnage. Dismayed, the two deathlords suspect each other of betrayl and silently order the retreat of their remaining forces.

In the time that has passed, many of the citizens of Lookshy have reacted to the crew of the Star of Morning, quickly becoming known as the Orichalum Legion. Most praise the heroes. After all, a valiant ally is a valiant ally and many owed their lives and those of their loved ones to the new heroes. However some are panicked. Many Immaculate priests lock themselves in their monastery or incite riotous crowds, believing the end of Creation is near. Civil war is on the verge of erupting before order is restored.

The Morning Star remains docked at the Skyguard base for refit and repairs after the battle. The Solars are allowed to mostly freely roam in the city, with some places such as the First Age armories and the Lookshy manse being off-limits. In others, such as the Immaculate monastery, they are simply not welcome by the current inhabitants. The Gens, or noble families, are deeply divided on what to do with this new resource. In particular, Gens Karal, commanding the First Legion, and Gens Nefvarin, commanding the Sky Guard, are particularly interested in projecting Lookshy’s newfound power. A General Staff meeting has been called, with mandatory attendance for the Staff members and Solars. It is to occur at high noon, tomorrow (10th day, Ascending Fire, Realm Year 770).

House rules:
You may roll your highest virtue for willpower OR take the old world of darkness style one back a day, but you can't do both for the same night's rest.
You may roll your own dice
Normal core-book combat, but I will used the errat'd charm versions
No PKing
Characters started with Dragon-Blood version of manse and artifact backgrounds to reflect their experience


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