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Terrestial Spells

Curse of the Humble Form
Cost: 15m
Target: One creature within 15 yards

Making the Sign of the Changing Maiden the sorcerer gathers essence into her palm before she hurls the rainbow coloured ball at her target. As the ball strikes the target they transform into an animal of the sorcerer's choosing. The limits of choice are the same as what a Lunar has with their own ability without knacks. The target can still use their charms, powers, and sorcery as well as talk just as if they were human. The only limitations are they can't do actions which are physically beyond their new form. A cat can't use a grand daiklaive for example.

The ball unneringly hunts down the target within 15 yards when cast. Only Charms or other effects that grant perfect dodges or parries can block the curse. The player of an Essence-channerling target is permitted a Stamina + Resistance roll at a difficulty of the sorcerer's Occult rating to resist it. Other ways to break the effect are countermagic cast on the victim, charms which break Shaping effects, or any one condition the sorcerer decides on. Tattooed Lunars are of course immune to this spell. On every full moon the character can make a new Stamina + Resistance roll to try to break the curse.

Celestial Spells

Solar Spells

Winds of Lethe

Cost: 45 motes

After three turns of working his magic the solar swings his arms wide and out and a roiling white mist speeds out in a ring from him. All heroic ghosts within the solar's essence in miles must make a willpower roll. Each ghost adds 1 die for every 2 dots of fetters it has. If the ghost can roll 3 or more successes nothing adverse happens to it. Any non-heroic ghost is sent immediently to Lethe without a resisted roll. On anything else the ghost immedient suffers dissolution as if entering Lethe. Deathlords are explicitely immune to all effects of this spell and this spell will not work in the Underworld itself though will in a shadowland.

Flying Citadel

Cost: 60 motes

A highly complex spell developed in the late First Age but never used. With this spell a sorcerer can break the rule of what goes up must come down. With just his own power a castle can be lifted into the air and moved around indefinitly. With others working with him greater and greater stretches of land can be lifted up into the air.

A chamber must be constucted for each sorcerer who is going to caste the spell. Within this chamber are 4 great mirrors, coated with a orichalcum arcane alloy coat an 9 feet in height. They are arranged at 4 points, evenly spaced 9 feet from the next closest two in a perfect square. In the center between them which they all face is a large diamond of exactly 30 facets and a length of 1 foot. It hovers in the exact middle of the chamber, between two partially raised pillers, one coming from the floor and the other coming from the ceiling. These pillers are constructed of normal marble, worked with runes of jade of each colour. The two pillars focus energy into the diamond which focuses and amplifies the energy and radiates it out to the 4 mirrors which transform that into essence which goes directly into maintaining the citadel aloft and can also power many minor effects such as glowlights, or possible weapons or other effects.

One solar can lift a mass the size of a large castle. 2 solars can lift an island mass one mile in radius. 3 can lift 3, 4 lift 5, 5 lift 7, 6 lift 10, 7 lift 13, 8 lift 16, 9 lift 20 and 10 still lifts 20. While a maximum of 10 solars can work on this it was found a tenth chamber would not lift additional mass but would provide power and any more chambers disrupted the entire spell. The chamber that is in the centermost of the island is considered to be the central chamber and it is the solar that has primary control over the islands movements. An additional number of solars can be given control over the island of up to the central chamber's caster's essence, but his own commands take priority.

The casting itself after each chamber is ready takes one hour to perform. In this time the spell can be countered by casting Adamant Countermagic anywhere within the area that is going to be lifted. Once the spell is complete however only distruction of the chambers can break the spells effects. Damaging the diamond, the mirrors or pillors is very challenging and the sorcery involved makes them very resistant. Should it be accomplished however the entire island starts to fall apart. The largest mass slowly drops, but pieces that break off plumet to the ground at normal speeds. More chambers make things progressively harder to destroy the entire effect. Chambers that are not used to increase size can take up the energy needed to retain lift. For each chamber can in fact provide the lift provided by 2 chambers but only for holding the mass together and slowly letting the mass lower itself towards the ground and can not move in any direction but down. If over half the chambers are destroyed the entire mass begins to break apart and plumet, the spell broken.

The island lifted need not be one complete mass, but any orbiting islands must have a chamber on it. They always stay in the same place in relation to the greater island and must be within the normal size radius for the number of chambers used.

Manses can be lifted up in this way, and through careful arrangement of hills, roads, rivers, lakes and other geomantic features can yield a manses of up to level 3 in power so long as the island is of at least a mile radius in size. Any manse more powerful then that loses strength upon disconnection with the ground of Creation. In theory any style manse could be found on a floating mass however it is easiest to make solar and air aspected manses given terrain available and the natural essence currents of the sky and sun.

Opening the Eye to the Realm of Light
Cost: 90 motes.

The sheer destructive might of the solar circle is beyond the comprehension of those who do not know its depths. Gods and mountains tremble at its use. As this spell is cast a great red orb appears far up in the sky and slowly moves to be overtop the caster. The eye slowly opens so that as the sorcerer finishes his spell the eye is now fully open, the black depths of it looking down to Creation. As the final sylable of the spell is uttered a great beam of light fires down from the eye to strike the earth and consume all it touches. Anything within 25yards of the impact zone is vaporized. Anything within 500 yards of that suffers 80L of damage as a wave of essence blows out from the main impact point. A character can resist the main area of effect only with perfect defenses and normal weapons used to parry it will surely perish. The burst around it can be defended against as normal as if it were a 20 success attack.

The power of the spell does not end there, for a number of turns equal to the solars essence the beam continues. It can move one mile a turn, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake of remain concentrated on a single spot. Each turn it spends firing at one point quadruples both the main impact zone and the destructive shockwave.

Soul's Fire Reborn

Cost: 100 motes

It is not in the nature of the Solar Exalted to make limited miracles. No their greatest achievements could do so much or do things others believed impossible in their entirety. This is one of those spells. It first saw use being worked on lands taken from the Wyld. This spell strengthened the bonds of Creation and the things living in it until the zones no longer qualified as even Wyld shaped lands but instead had all the natural strength and durability of normal Creation. The beasts in it or people made were even gifted souls as this spell brought Gaia's blessed attention upon them and created new stars in the night sky to give them a destiny. Sadly while a powerful affect it could only reach a few miles. Given the growing size of Creation this spell was simply not able to be used often enough to make any difference of great import and was instead saved for particularly important Wyld forged locations. Wyld mutants, wyld landscapes, all such tainted places would be completely purified and purged of their damage and mutation. Even people born with defect or illness would find themselves restored and whole.

Its second use was learned when it was worked upon one of the Dragonblooded in the later years of the High First Age. The Sorcerer could work with a Priest of one of the Dragonblooded and in so doing gain his or her blessing and restore the purity of the blood to the Dragonblooded. Again the problem was numbers. There were too many Dragonblooded with mortal blood in them now. Furthermore this spell could not affect two of the breeds of Terrestials as the Dragon of Eart and Dragon of Fire slept. So this spell was used sometimes as a reward for the favored amongst them.

It was also used once in secret by the Solars. A Lunar had become akuma. Tempted by the powers offered the Yozi had convinced him Akumahood would grant him the power he needed to ensure the prosperity and safety of his Solar Mate. What he had done had been discovered and he was captured. A Zenith and an Eclipse caste Solar hammered him with Social charms for over a month before they had broken his will so completely they could make him wish for the purification they offered even with the Yozi influence on him. Working with one of the Waxing Caste Lunars they received the blessing of Luna and restored him to what he was before they took him. Though he spent the rest of his life under watch in secret he never seemed to ever show any signs of their taint.

Though not used in this second age this spell could do all those things again. This is the spell with which an Abyssal could free himself of the Neverborn. This spell could return new strength and vigor to some of the Dragonblooded bloodlines. This spell could grant the Lunars who desired it a return to their old castes. The only restrictions for this spell to work on the Dragonblooded is you need a priest of their appropriate God. They must be willing. It is also a long ritual taking from sunrise to sunset. Finally if the person is not 100% committed to this purification the spell will work but kill them. If they are completely against it then it will fail and they will die. Yet still this spell and a hard working group of Solars could reverse some of the damage done to the Chosen by the enemies of Creation with this mighty spell.


Why specify that the spell Flying Citadel was never used in the First Age? Aside from the fact that it's hard to imagine that First Age Solar Sorcerers would balk at casting their own spells, that limits the Cool Factor of finding a working Flying Citadel from the First Age. Better, I think, just to leave out that phrase. - Quendalon

They just never got around to using it is my canonical reason. Of course, it could also be said that people believed it was never cast. -BogMod

Winds of Lethe is good, but... Solar Circle? Seems like Celestial to me, but only if you allow non-heroics to make the roll. They'll have pretty pathetic pools anyway, so it's not much difference. This actually seems like necromancy to me, but that's my recommendation if you're gonna keep it sorcerous. - LeumasWhite