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Solar Thrown Charms by Kicker

Right now, this is just a few of my attempts to give existing charms appropriate effects in ExaltedBeachVolleyball. Except where otherwise noted, the type and requirements of the charm have not changed, so I will not duplicate them here.

In my thinking, Thrown is the skill of precision, control, and deception. Charms should reflect this, if I'm doing my job. Thrown (and all it's charms) can only be used to Serve or Return.

Precision of the Striking Raptor</b>


<b>Joint-Wounding Attack</b>

This Charm can only be used with a Spike. Cruel essence sends the ball into a vicious spin that pulls it toward soft, unprotected flesh. Stomachs, faces and heads are favorites. The defender rolls to Save as normal, but if they do not succeed by at least three additional successes, they are given a nasty burn or bump that gives them a -2 to all dice pools for the rest of the game. Note that if they fail to Save, they receive this penalty in addition to the other team winning a point. Penalties from successive uses of this charm are NOT cumulative.

<b>Observer-Deceiving Attack</b>

At the last second, the ball vanishes and reappears in a very slightly different place, with a very slightly different direction and spin. The defender is forced to choose to use the Dive special move.

<b>Mist on Water Attack</b>

This charm cannot be used on "alerted" opponents. It is disallowed.

<b>Falling Icicle Strike</b>

This charm cannot be used on "alerted" opponents. It is disallowed.

<b>Triple-Distance Attack Technique</b>

The Chosen lofts the ball in an immense arc towards the heavens, so high that the Unconquered Sun blesses it as a fellow Celestial Body. As it falls to earth, anywhere up to thirty seconds later, it glows with it's own radiance, equal in power to the user's iconic anima banner, and is too bright to look at directly. Defenders must either look away or squint. The rolls to both save and return the meteroric ball take a -2 penalty.

<b>Cascade of Cutting Terror</b>

The famous "Shinobi Ball" technique. The Charm creates dozens of duplicate balls hurling alongside the real one. The concern is not to hit anyone with more balls, just to confuse them to the point that may return the wrong one. The defender rolls a Perception + Athletics roll at a difficulty equal to the user's essence. Failure means the wrong ball is returned, and the user's team scores a point.

<b>Shower of Deadly Blades</b>

This Charm requires all used ammo to be on the user's person. It is disallowed.

<b>Fiery Solar Chakram</b>

This Charm creates a weapon. In Volleyball, we throw balls, not ninja stars. It is disallowed.


Obviously, this is rough and barebones. I can't really ask for playtesting yet, but if anyone has comments, I'd love to hear them. With some Charms, you notice that the effects are almost entirely made up, with nothing to do with the original text. I had several alternatives in my mind for each, which I hope to add later... -Kicker