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Commanding the Dragon Legion</b>

 <b>Cost: 10 motes, 1 Willpower
 Duration: One scene
 Type: Simple
 Min. Performance: 5
 Min Essence: 3
 Prereqs: Heroism-Encouraging Presence

In the long lost times of the First Age it was the Solar Exalted who lead the great armies of the Dragon-blooded to victory against first the Primordials, and then whatever few enemies the Realm felt worth defeating. The bond between the Solar generals and their troops of Terrestrial Exalts ran deep and true, many Dawn Caste warlords commanded fanatical loyalty from their troops and in turn lead them to glorious victory again and again. Even in this Age, with centuries of blood between the Usurpation and today the reborn Solar can tap into this unthinking primal loyalty and use it to command inhuman prowess from any Dragon-bloods in his command.

When using this Charm the Exalt's anima banner expands to its near iconic majesty immediately and remains so for as long as this Charm is employed. Any Terrestrial Exalt who sees this display will feel an uncontrollable impulse to obey the Solar. Players of Dragon-bloods must make a successful Valor roll to openly oppose the Solar in combat and a successful Conviction roll to otherwise oppose the wishes of the Solar. Once they have succeeded at either of these rolls, which can be made once per turn, the effects of this Charm recedes from their mind.

The full power of this Charm comes into effect if the Solar is commanding Dragon-blooded underlings. The character must be the freely acknowledged superior officer of the Dragon-bloods who gain the benefits of this Charm. For the rest of the scene all Terrestrial Exalts under the character's command can not fail Valor rolls and gain +1 die to all relevant combat abilities (this does not count as a Charm increase for the purposes of stacking Charm effects). Finally the Dragon-bloods gain an increased degree of cooperative power. When a Terrestrial uses a Charm that can effect multiple allies, he may add a number of additional allies to the effect equal to the permanent Essence of the commanding Solar at no cost, in addition to any he could normally use the Charm on.


A VERY VERY cool charm.

Im impressed.

I like the idea that the dragon blooded have some loophole that the solars can exploit to command them. -- PteorakTutor

It's not exactly good for that, which is in my opinion a good thing, since it's not what it's designed to do. Any realm-loyal dragonblood will spend the willpower point to not have to roll, it's just an annoyance. It -is- very good at adding command bonuses to a solar commanding DBs though, and I really like it for that
-- Darloth